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Hal Clement, 1922-2003

by on Oct.29, 2003, under General News

SF author, SFWA 1999 Grand Master and high school teacher Hal Clement died this morning while asleep at his home in Milton, Massachusetts. His most famous work was 1954’s Mission of Gravity, and earlier this year released Noise. Among the already mentioned, he was also a pilot in WWII and a scout leader with a variety of degrees. He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter, and a grandson.

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US version of UFO on the way?

by on Oct.28, 2003, under General News

Now this could be interesting. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the cult British Gerry Anderson show UFO, a precursor of Space: 1999 (Space: 1999 was originally written as a second season of UFO but then developed separately) could be reborn in the US, produced by Trilogy Entertainment Group (The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone) and Carlton America. Given SCI FI Channel’s conspiracy bent of late, I’m suprised they haven’t ordered two full seasons already. But will the purple wigs return? You can get the original show on DVD: Set 1 Set 2

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Voltayre’s Encyclopedia Xenobiologica

by on Oct.27, 2003, under General News

TerraFrost writes “Featured in TV Guide, TELE, and Sci Fi Weekly, Voltayre’s Encyclopedia Xenobiologica was considered to be one of the best Babylon 5 websites around. When it went offline in 1998, it left a huge void that in many ways was never filled. Today, it has been refilled, and in fact, improved. The new URL is here.” VEX is one of the best – it was featured in the same Summer Sci-Fi issue of TV Guide (July 5-11, 1997) as The Lurker’s Guide and my own more general encyclopedia. I just wish I had the graphical talent. Not sure why it was gone so long. The author also created Babylon Park.Update: Just got e-mail from Voltayre, and the site has been updated and is back at it’s old address. The other site is old.

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Carrey to lead Six Million Dollar Man comedy?

by on Oct.23, 2003, under Movies

This has been batted around before, and I remember at one point Chris Rock being mentioned which I assume would make it a comedy, but this one is new to me. Variety is reporting that Jim Carrey is expected to be the title character for Dimension Films comedy feature version of The Six Million Dollar Man. Todd Phillips would direct and share scribe duties with Old School partner Scot Armstrong.

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David Stewart Launches Eurocon 2007 in Ireland Bid

by on Oct.22, 2003, under Conventions

djryan writes Dave Stewart says:

At the penultimate panel session of P-Con, I announced my intention to bid for the 2007 Eurocon. Over the next year I will examine the
feasability of actually running the Eurocon here. That depends on a
number of factors such as finding an appropriate venue, a suitable guest of honour and an appropriate date.

I’m taking pre-supporting donations of ?2 to guage interest and to raise funds for running the bid. If you see me at a convention ask me about it.“ No link provided…

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Star Wars sequel trilogy still possible?

by on Oct.21, 2003, under Movies

Dark Horizons has hit on an undying rumor that the fabled Episodes 7-9 of the Star Wars trilogy of trilogies may still happen, despite Lucas’s adamant denials that they were ever planned. Apparently, Steven Spielberg might direct, with Lucas just writing – of if Lucas won’t, Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, Indiana Jones IV) will take up the pen.

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SCI FI looking for the facts?

by on Oct.21, 2003, under General News

OK, this has appeared everywhere already: The SCI FI Channel has joined the fray in trying to find the truth about a UFO sighting in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965, and is planning a lawsuit against NASA utilizing the Freedom of Information Act. Other agencies could be sued as well. And Friday the channel will air a special called “The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed”, hosted by Bryant Gumbel, apparently bringing viewers up-to-date with the investigation so far. Maybe with the sale of Vivendi Universal (SCI FI’s parent) to NBC, we can get back to some actual science fiction

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Battlestar Tuesday

by on Oct.18, 2003, under General News

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Latest on Who return

by on Oct.17, 2003, under Television

I came across some of the latest news about the new Who series over at Outpost Gallifrey. First, after rampant speculation about stand-up (and apparently frequently transvestite) comedian Eddie Izzard being the next Doctor, Izzard himself said it’s news to him – and “I don’t think the BBC would want me. They’d probably rather spit on me and slap me about with fish.” Apparently 4th Doctor Tom Baker started that one in an interview. Current front runner in the rumors is Brit actor Bill Nighy (no, not Bill Nye the Science Guy).

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Matrix Revolutions IMAX release; Reloaded DVD release

by on Oct.13, 2003, under Movies

IMAX has announced that The Matrix Revolutions will open at select IMAX theaters on November 5th, and even more theaters shortly afterwards. Also, The Matrix Reloaded comes out on DVD tomorrow.

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