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Enterprise season cut short? Moved?

by on Dec.10, 2003, under Television

Dark Horizons has a report on a rumor that Star Trek: Enterprise‘s third season may be cut short by two episodes, with implications that either this season or next could be the last for the show, which has had disappointing ratings despite being reworked with a better storyline. In the meantime, the Programming Insider at Mediaweek mentioned a rumored move of Enterprise to Fridays, but then said that UPN said they have no plans to move it.

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  • yowza


    It time to put it in drydock. Give Trek a 5 year rest, and drop kick Producer Berman.

    • dugh


      i agree that star trek needs to take a break. there’s been a star trek show on the air non-stop now for almost 20 years. however, i’d still finish out the enterprise series, at least giving them two more seasons to flesh itself out; it can’t be worse than voyager was.

      • Anonymous Coward


        Actually, Voyager came into itself and turned out to be quite a good show. I anxiously await its DVD release. But it is time to get rid of this POS we call Enterprise, it can’t be rehabbed at this point.

        • Anonymous Coward


          Enterprise has had some good episodes, but over all their writers really suck. I mean, zombie vulcans? Mind-melding-as-homosexuality? Please. Many of the episodes are insulting to scifi fans.

          They’ve got a good cast if they’d just give them some decent scripts.

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