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by on Dec.10, 2003, under General News

Got this in e-mail: Profiles in History? Auction to Offer incredible selection of Film and Television Memorabilia artifacts. Including those from ?Star Wars,? ?Blade Runner,? ?Jaws? and ?The Godfather.? The auction is this Friday at noon PST, and is available online at eBay Live or in person at the Westin Hotel at LAX. Read More for the whole announcement.

“Profiles in History? Auction to Offer incredible selection of Film and Television Memorabilia artifacts. Including those from ?Star Wars,? ?Blade Runner,? ?Jaws? and ?The Godfather.?

December 8th, 2003
Media News Source

For Immediate Release

This Friday, December 12th at 12:00pm (noon PST) “Profiles in History? ( will Auction by phone, fax, eBay and Live at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles, California, an amazing 566 historic and rare pieces of Movie and TV Memorabilia. Included will be an original Darth Vader helmet with Chest and shoulder armor used in the filming of ?Star Wars: The Empire strikes back? authenticated personally by George Lucas on Lucasfilm letterhead. The piece was originally donated by Lucas to the ?Artists rights foundation? and sold at the Directors Guild of America in 1992. The historic entertainment artifact is displayed in a museum quality display case with original Lucasfilm shipping crate. Lucasfilm archives resident archivist Don Bies also provided documentation authenticating the rare piece. Other Star Wars items that will be auctioned will include original pencil drawings by Ralph McQuarrie of the characters Darth Vader, C-3P0, R2-D2, and Han Solo and ink storyboards
used by Industrial light and Magic (ILM) to film the special visual effects of the first ?Star Wars? film.

Legendary full size and miniature vehicles from the annals of Science Fiction and Fantasy, including an original ?Flying Spinner? from ?Blade Runner?, the ?Seaview? Submarine miniature from TV?s ?Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?, the ?Spindrift? miniature from ?Land of the Giants? and the ?Black Beauty? from ?The Green Hornet? will all be sold to the general public.

In addition, the world’s largest and most important collection of futuristic prop guns and weapons will be put on the block, from such landmark productions as the “Alien” films, the “Terminator” films, “Babylon 5,” “Dune,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Dr. Who,” “Flash Gordon,” “The Invaders,” “Logan’s Run,” “Predator,” “Batman,” “The Fifth Element,” “V,” “Men in Black,” “The Outer Limits,” ?Planet of the Apes,? “RoboCop,” “Ultraman,” “Lost in Space” and “Judge Dredd.” This collection was painstakingly acquired over the past 12 years by a single dedicated collector, and each piece is the finest known example in existence.

Collectors and enthusiasts will also find an excellent selection of original props, wardrobe, miniatures, production art and scripts from such movie classics as ?Jaws,? ?The Godfather,? ?Citizen Kane,? ?Ben Hur,? ?Forbidden Planet,? ?Braveheart,? ?Jurassic Park,? ?Gladiator,? ?Close Encounters of the Third Kind,? ?The Invisible Man,? and Television hits such as ?I Love Lucy,? ?Gunsmoke,? ?Batman,? ?Happy Days,? ?All in the Family,? ?The Wild-Wild West,? ?Star Trek,? and many more.

An incredible variety of screen-used ephemera from some of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest films, including his leather jacket and sawed-off shotgun from “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and his hero Rail Gun from “Eraser” will be offered. Interest in Schwarzenegger memorabilia is expected to be at an all-time high following his move from acting to politics.

WHEN: Friday, December 12, 2003, 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. (PST)

WHERE: The Westin Hotel at LAX, 5400 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045


CONTACT: for more information or to download a catalog.

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