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Could The Hobbit get made? Not yet…

by on Jan.05, 2004, under Movies

Want to see The Hobbit on the big screen? Apparently so does New Line, which is is looking to pick up the rights, although they apparently haven’t discussed the possibility with Peter Jackson yet. Jackson also is trying to build a museum in Wellington, NZ as a thank you for filming there, but the Tolkien Estate so far won’t allow it, so negotiations for The Hobbit could be at issue as well. Update 1/5: There is more info about the rights. Apparent New Line does own the production rights, but somehow United Artists owns the distribution rights, and I’m guessing the hangup is that they won’t work together…

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  • Anonymous Coward

    With Bilbo as the director?

    If they do it, I hope they use a completely different style from LtoR, reflecting the differences in narrative style in The Hobbit (it was written as if Bilbo Baggins wrote it, not JRRT).

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:With Bilbo as the director?

      Blah…the hobbit is a kids story…they need to kick it up a notch..BAM!

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