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A real “space opera” in development from Turing Opera Workshop

by on Jan.11, 2004, under Audio

Richard deCosta writes “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

At Long Last, a True “Space Opera.” Turing Opera Workshop releases teaser trailer for new 3d sci-fi opera, “K’ai, Death of Dreams.” Read More for the full release, and the web site link.

Scarborough, ME — January 12, 2004 – Turing Opera Workshop releases the first teaser trailer for their production of Richard deCosta’s 3d sci-fi opera, “K’ai, Death of Dreams.” The trailer, available on the production website,, is a preview of the opera scheduled for release in February. The opera is being produced entirely in 3d computer graphics.

The story is about K’ai, a sick, frail young man possessed with the amazing abilities of telepathy and lucid dreaming, who is in contact with an alien race through his dreams. He discovers though his dreams, and with the aid of his friend Cyril, an archaeologist, that his race was created many thousands of years ago by extraterrestrial beings, for the purpose of slavery. After many slave uprisings, their master-creators decided they were more trouble than help and abandoned them on the harsh, barely-livable planet called Shije and left a guardian called Protoztur to keep them from physical and spiritual escape, and the truth of their heritage. K’ai becomes obsessed with the idea of freeing his race from their spiritual and material bondage, and in exacting revenge on their creators and captors. K’ai and Cyril are joined by several like-minded scientists, philosophers and mercenaries who roam the planet in a hijacked city-ship, in search of answers, and ultimately, escape.

Turing Opera Workshop is seeking investors and patrons to help finance the construction a state-of-the-art computer animation and recording studio in Portland, Maine, for the production of this, and future operas.

Richard deCosta
Composer, Artistic Director,
Turing Opera Workshop
Scarborough, ME 04074

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