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Conspiracy Against Muad’dib: Online Frank Herbert’s Dune

by on Jun.21, 2004, under Games

BaronMoritani writes “The Landsraad Dune Group Presents:
Conspiracy Against Muad’dib RPG
Cooperative Storytelling RPG In Frank Herbert’s Duniverse

It is five years since Muad’dib led his victorious Fremen warriors on Arrakis. Despite this overwhelming victory, Muad’dib’s religious hierarchy continue to wage a holy Jihad across the wide expanse of space, destroying all opposition as they demand that all acknowledge the holiness of their Lisan Al-Gaib.” Read More for the rest.

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Updated: JMS getting busy again…

by on Jun.21, 2004, under General News

In a UseNet post, JMS has given us a glimpse of his workaholic world as it stands today. The new B5 project, TMoS (which JMS let slip in a previous posting stands for The Memory of Shadows) is still moving (although affected by Richard Biggs’ passing), and possibly a new set of B5 novels. There is a medieval play he has been working on for years, and may finally finish, and he’s been offered the exec producer position on an unspecified network series, but said that “…when I heard what this project was, I had to get on board.”

Updated 6/21: In another post, JMS mentions that he was asked to helm the fourth season of Enterprise – this is NOT the same show he mentioned above, as he turned the Trek gig down. However, he DID pitch a treatment for a new Trek series to Paramount with Bryce Zabel (creator of Dark Skies) which would “…restore the series in a big way.”

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