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Conspiracy Against Muad’dib: Online Frank Herbert’s Dune

by on Jun.21, 2004, under Games

BaronMoritani writes “The Landsraad Dune Group Presents:
Conspiracy Against Muad’dib RPG
Cooperative Storytelling RPG In Frank Herbert’s Duniverse

It is five years since Muad’dib led his victorious Fremen warriors on Arrakis. Despite this overwhelming victory, Muad’dib’s religious hierarchy continue to wage a holy Jihad across the wide expanse of space, destroying all opposition as they demand that all acknowledge the holiness of their Lisan Al-Gaib.” Read More for the rest.

“This is not an enemy that you may openly wage war upon.

You are a member of one of the ancient power groups currently aligned against Muad’dib, though you must feign allegiance as your faction has recently been conquered.

No matter which faction you play, your homeworld and way of life are in danger from Emperor Muad’dib and his religious Fremen warriors. You must be wise and cautious as you feign friendship with the Atreides Emperor, while you and fellow members of your faction secretly work together with other player factions to conspire against Muad’dib in order to return social, political, and religious autonomy to your planet. Your faction has a long and proud history, but can Muad’dib’s prescient abilities allow him to ascertain the true motives behind your maneuvers and send his Fremen armies to destroy you?

The six factions in which players may participate include the Bene Gesserit, Spacing Guild, Tleilaxu, House Corrino, Ixian Confederacy, and Sietch Jacurutu.

The Conspiracy Against Muad’dib RPG is a cooperative game, whereby all players are united in the conspiracy against Emperor Paul Atreides. Each player participates as part of a faction in direct opposition to the Atreides Emperor and plots with other players in planning against the workings of Muad’dib and his loyal followers, the Fremen Qizarate.

Check out the Conspiracy by going here:

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  • Anonymous Coward


    Didn’t you read all the books? Muad’dib knows anything and everything! He forsees all outcomes! He will see through your feigned loyalty, and crush you once your usefulness is ended!
    Resign all hope and accept your emporer!

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