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Jeremiah apparently cancelled; free interactive comic

by on Jun.29, 2004, under Television

I haven’t heard anything official from Showtime, but they haven’t said anything, and there is still half of season two to air (and I think it is being billed as Season 3), but in this SCIFI Wire article, it mentions that Jeremiah has been cancelled. The article is about an interactive comic being developed by comic book writer Andrew Foley to pick up where the Showtime series left off, and will be offered free on The article does quote Foley on how Platinum chief Scott Mitchell Rosenberg has been working hard to keep Jeremiah alive, with a prequel film in development and a role-playing game, and the possibility of pickup by the SCI FI Channel – although SFW was quick to point out that they have made no announcements. Showtime leaves my satellite box as soon as I’ve seen “Season 3”.

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  • Anonymous Coward

    if you’re really interested

    as the complete season 2 has been run elsewhere, it is available from various sources, though obviously get them at your own risk

    but i’ll say one other thing: it’d be worth it.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for the info…

    Hadn’t seen it online, but now I know to look. FWIW, same thing happened with Odyssey 5 (another Showtime science fiction show) – they only showed the first half of the season, but the entire season is available online.

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