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Updated: More Trek tidbits

by on Jul.22, 2004, under General News

A few more details have leaked about the future of Star Trek – first off, Shatner is indeed in talks to guest on Enterprise – as some “incarnation” of Kirk. Also mentioned in the article is T’Pol possibly getting married, the Temporal Cold War will be resolved, and the new season will be shot entirely on high-def video. In movie news, exec producer Rick Berman is talking with Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr. Riker from TNG), currently promoting Thunderbirds which he directed, about directing the next Trek film – and it won’t have any characters from or be based on any series.
Update 7/22: Original Trek theme composer Jerry Goldsmith, who also wrote severa of the other series and movie themes as well as for others (he won 5 Emmys and an Oscar for The Omen), died Wednesday after a long battle with cancer.

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  • Anonymous Coward

    a regular viewers opinion

    Shatner as Kirk in enterprise? ok, fine, get your ratings ploy in there, make it entertaining, and be done with it.

    Where I stand on the temporal cold war; This is a terrible plot device and should be ended asap. lets recall that this series is supposed to predate the original trek (this should be obvious, but seems to slip further into obscurity on a weekly basis). In this era, the “corbomite maneuver” can disarm the uber-powerful.

    At the rate they are going, the entire Enterprise series will eventally have to be chalked up as a “dream sequence” in the deranged mind of poor captain Pike.

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