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Babylon 5 movie set out today

by on Aug.17, 2004, under General News

The Babylon 5 Movie Set is out today, which includes all 5 B5 TV movies, The Gathering (Special Edition), In the Beginning, Thirdspace, River of Souls, and A Call to Arms, completing the release of Babylon 5 to DVD. The Crusade series is still to be released, and no word yet on The Legend of the Rangers.

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  • Damien

    Skip TLoTR

    They can skip TLoTR, which was, without doubt, the worst thing every made relating to B5, yes, even worse than TKO. JMS is so much better than that, I really was hanging my head when he said he felt it was some of the best stuff he’s written – either it was a PR thing or he’s lost himself a bit.

    JMS: take a vacation for a year, then try writing something.


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