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Lack of updates

by on Oct.26, 2004, under General News

Just letting everyone know why there haven’t been too many updates – and don’t expect too many either. I’ve got another kid on the way, and other family emergencies all happening at the same time, so I’m stretched thinner than usual. And all those late nights watching the Red Sox…if I hear anything major I’ll post – and any contributions will make it easier on me. I hope to take some of my downtime if I end up with any to work on some new software (I’ve got bigger ideas than time allows alas) and get off the overly-bloated and complex (for this purpose) Slashcode and on to software of my own design. I wish I could decide on a light-on-dark vs. dark-on-light scheme – the latter makes certain image issues easier…Update: Little Elizabeth arrived at 8:25am 10/27, almost exactly 12 hours before the first pitch of Game 4 of the World Series, where the Red Sox won their first in 86 years!

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  • mbourgon

    FWIW, Bureau 42 might have some code

    Not sure how much time you currently spend maintaining Slash (hint: it should be damn little), but Bureau 42 ( has something that looks very similar to Slash, but isn’t. I’m not sure where he gets it from, you might want to ask. The only work, IMHO, should be adding content. If Slash (or whatever) gets in the way of that, definitely find something else.

    Here’s another odd question – how many readers do you have? I found you from Slashdot, I’m kinda curious considering the, um, dearth of comments. (Not that most stories need them, mind you).

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:FWIW, Bureau 42 might have some code

      The code at isn’t based on Slash. In fact it’s based on nothing at all. A few years back, on an independent consulting gig, I wrote the basic code for another site that ended up not going anywhere. The only thing that really changed was the graphics and layout. (The other gentleman I was working with did the graphics side, which is why is so plain-looking. I’m many things, but “artist” isn’t on the list.)


      • Doc

        Re:FWIW, Bureau 42 might have some code

        Yes, I’m familiar with Bureau 42 (Hi Dave!).

        Slashdot isn’t so much “getting in the way” of the content, it just took a WHOLE lot of time to get the theme worked out, and it is a PAIN to modify. It also has a lot of excessive fluff which is fine for Slashdot, but unnecessary for this.

        I am also a programmer at heart, and a self-learner. The new system I intend to be based on PHP (with some Perl backend stuff), XML/XSLT with CSS as well. I get to learn some later techs, and have a site that is easy to modify for me.

        As for the comment about phpBB, phpBB will in fact be a part of the new site, or at least I intend it to be. I want an open discussion forum, but I’m also considering using it as the engine for comments rather than reinventing the wheel. But since I want _more_ than just phpBB, I need to marry the authentication system to the rest of my stuff.

  • karrde

    Gook luck on the new baby.

    If you’re looking for something a little lighter to maintain, you might want to look at a phpBB setup with something like as a front end. Set up the right permissions on the forum(s) that shows on the front page and it can be set that admins can only start new posts, but everyone else can reply.

    As he says… it’s not quite a CMS, but does a good job acting like one.

  • Anonymous Coward


    congrats on the new baby. when you get back on the ball, we’ll be here. 🙂

  • dugh

    first second third

    first, congratulations on the new arrival! second, i’m looking forward to whatever you use for the new system. i use blosxom, but it might be “not enough” for your needs (though it might give you some ideas). third, it’s been my experience that the dearth of comments isn’t indicitive of the number of visitors. most people i know don’t leave comments on websites. i’ve no idea why…

    keep up the good work, and if i find anything in my browsing i’ll pass it on!

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