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Storm 2.0 Sneak Peak; Review Queue

by on Nov.06, 2004, under General News

Well, I’ve done a lot of cleanup work of the original mockup, and actually made it a little more functional (articles are actually database driven now, with a couple of samples for testing). You can take a quick peek of the new setup here. Note that I am actively working on it still, and the theme elements are not complete (images need to be re-rendered, etc. – I’m hoping to use PNGs with transparency maps where possible), and as I work on things it may be offline or break. Just thought I’d offer a glance. One thing’s for sure – no more pastel theme 🙂 In the meantime, I thought I’d offer what’s in the queue for review I am trying to get to: [sfs=437]Land of the Lost: The Complete First Season[/sfs] (although fiziko over at Bureau 42 has already posted a review); [sfs=477]THX-1138: The George Lucas Director’s Cut Special Edition[/sfs] and [sfs=424]V: The Complete Series[/sfs], the latter two generously provided by Warner Bros. Online.

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  • Emmett

    looking good

    v.2 seems to be comming along well. please please please don’t force me back into the grey. get rid of the pastels if you have to, but no grey.

    • Doc

      Re:looking good

      My initial theme was actually more of a brown background, but I think I was staring at more complicated issues. I think the grey is at least better than a pure black. Again, I’m a bit of a human factors person, and high contrast is a necessity for readability. So, either think dark on light or light on dark.

      There is the small but non-zero possibility of multiple themes, but I think those can break the uniqueness of a site. Perhaps minor color variations, if I can rengineer the images, but I need a new graphics program. Any suggestions? I need one that can handle PNGs with transparency masks.

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