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Thunderbirds Movie/DVD review

by on Dec.28, 2004, under General News

I remember seeing the original Thunderbirds show on occasion as a kid – occasionally while visiting family in England, and occasionally in the States – and more recently on TechTV (now G4TechTV, but not the same channel any more 🙁 ), so I was looking forward to seeing the movie. Alas, I’m not too sure what to think.

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Clarke reports on Sri Lanka

by on Dec.28, 2004, under General News

Arthur C. Clarke, who resides with his family in Sri Lanka, reports via his foundation web site that they are OK – but not so for hundreds of thousands, where he compares the disaster to something out of The Day After Tomorrow. More updates will be posted on the site when they can.

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Learn the secrets of the Klingon forehead

by on Dec.22, 2004, under Television

Seems Enterprise is going to tap into one of the great unaswered questions of Treklore – why Klingons had smooth foreheads in the original Star Trek, but in all other shows and movies they are bumpy. In a two-parter starting with the 15th episode of this season, the issue will be dealt with.

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Rowling finishes next Potter book

by on Dec.21, 2004, under Books

This is hitting the morening news outlets – J.K. Rowling has finished Harry Potter and th Half-Blood Prince and a release date should be announced today. Update: Release date is July 16th in US and Britain, per CNN.

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Quantum Leap Season 2 DVD review

by on Dec.20, 2004, under General News

Quantum Leap was a breakthrough idea – tell thoughtful stories in a variety of situations and eras like an anthology, yet keep a face people can follow from episode to episode with its own story. Dr. Sam Beckett “leaps” into the lives of different people, hoping to fix something that happened to them and make their lives better. Sounds corny, but some of the episodes were simply amazing. The second season (22 episodes) was released on DVD last week, and I got the chance to review it.

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Can you name that font?

by on Dec.20, 2004, under General News

As part of the design for Storm 2.0, I want to regenerate some of the graphics. The only problem is, I don’t seem to have the font for the “Storm” in the logo any more. Can anyone identify it? Otherwise I’ll look at an alternate font. Also, I can probably figure this out, but how many of you are IE users? Lack of proper PNG transparency support really makes it tough…Update: We have a winner – one of the anonymous posters correctly identified it as “Stonehenge” as available from

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Ultimate Matrix review

by on Dec.18, 2004, under Video/DVD

Wow. How do you find the time to review something that consists of 10 DVDs? The Ultimate Matrix Collection is just such a beast – with the [sfs=492]regular version[/sfs] and a cool [sfs=493]limited edition gift set[/sfs]. Nevertheless, I finally plowed through it. This review will start a new type of DVD review to be ironed out, with less emphasis on the feature than the technical aspects.

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Behind the scenes of Narnia

by on Dec.16, 2004, under Movies

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Updated: Ben Browder joining Stargate SG-1

by on Dec.15, 2004, under Television

The SCI FI Channel has announced that Ben Browder (John Crichton from Farscape) will be joining the cast of Stargate SG-1 next season, but no details on the role. Negotiations are still in progress on bringing Richard Dean Anderson in some capacity. The eighth season of both Stargate series picks up again on January 21st, followed by the new Battlestar Galactica. Update 12/20: SCI FI Wire reports that Ben will play a “Lieutenant Colonel” (name hasn’t cleared legal yet). It’s not a character seen before, but “played a key role in some major events that went on.”

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Upcoming reviews…

by on Dec.14, 2004, under General News

Seems with the holidays there comes DVDs – and a lot of them. Just wanted to give a heads-up as to what is definitely in the review queue, as I try and put some time into it: The Ultimate Matrix Collection, Crusade: The Complete Series, and Quantum Leap: The Complete Second Season. Lets see – that’s three movies and 35 TV episodes, plus extras – that’s 20 DVDs! Well, 17 – the QL discs are double sided. Obviously I will need to modify set reviews to place less emphasis on the feature itself and more on what is included. And there is more on the way…

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