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TiVo Warning: Enterprise and Galactica

by on Jan.14, 2005, under Television

Both Enterprise on UPN (8pm ET) and Battlestar Galactica on SCI FI (9pm, first two episodes) debut with new episodes tonight, so schedule accordingly. For those og you with TiVos, watch out for next Friday – Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis also return with new episodes, so season pass conflicts with Enterprise may result (unless you have a DirecTiVo like me). Depending how the ratings are looked at, could UPN have finally killed Enterprise by diluting the audience?

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  • chad

    Is this really a problem?

    On normal weeks (starting next Friday, 1/21) Scifi shows its three programs twice—starting at 6pm and then again at 9pm. So you can simply record Enterprise at 8pm and Battlestar Galactica at 11pm. The Stargates can be recorded from 6pm-8pm or 9pm-11pm. My Tivo handles this arrangement automatically via the season pass manager.

    At least that’s the way the schedule looks for me. I assume it’s the same for everyone who gets Scifi.

    • Doc

      Re:Is this really a problem?

      You must be looking the east feed from the mountain time zone (when giving times, you need to be specific). In ET, the Stargates air 8-10pm adnd 11pm-1am.

      This can still be a concern because since you now rely on a “backup” airing, other conflicts could come into play, so people should check their todo list to be certain. Also, a number of non-TiVo DVRs do do not have good conflict resolution, _OR_ the ability to automatically record an airing at another timeslot.

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