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by on Jan.25, 2005, under Movies

OK, here is something new to try. Something reminded me of a movie from when I was a kid – it had to have been produced in the 70s, but precisely when I don’t know. I remember seeing it on TV a number of times, but I have no idea what the title was. I’d like to see if anyone can remember it from my description. Read More for the description, and then post your ideas.

The movie primarily takes place on a spaceship with a really fast drive system. There was a small group of people on the ship (I’m guessing around 6), including one “family” – I believe a husband, wife, and a son, approx. 12 years old, maybe older.

I know a fair portion of the movie deal with the fact that the ship would explode in a certain amount of time (I think there was a 60 minute clock running) if something wasn’t done – I think it may have been a bomb or sabotage of the engine or something.

Visually the most rememberable thing was when the ships drive was engaged, there would be a forward view where you would see a yellow sun grow larger, and then split into three going in different directions (equal angles). I even remember this being quite a strange and incorrect effect as a kid.

The closest movie I cam across in IMDB is 1976’s Into Infinity, produced by Gerry Anderson, and may have had that flavor to it, but the plot doesn’t mention anything about the bomb/sabotage/pending explosion.

So, can anyone confirm or offer an alternative answer?

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  • Damien

    Black Hole?

    Sounds vaguely similar… the family, the explosion, the red orb on screen…


  • Anonymous Coward

    Movie from the 70’s

    The film is called “The Day After Tomorrow-Into Infinity.” It was a pilot for a TV series and had Nick Tate and Brian Blessed from (the yet to be produced) Space: 1999. Here is more info.

    Dir: Charles Crichton (1975)

    In The Day After Tomorrow – Into Infinity, the lightship Altares leaves Space Station Delta on a mission of scientific discovery to Alpha Centauri. When the computer guidance system malfunctions and the ship’s photon drive accidentally cuts in after being hit by a meteorite shower, the Altares hurtles out of control at near light speed – leaving the crew with no way to return to Earth!

    The DVD or Video cam be purchased from FANDERSON but only if you are a member. Videos

    • Doc

      Re:Movie from the 70’s

      I do think this is it now, as late last night I did a few Google searches and got this page (also from Minor correction – it was filmed between the two Space: 1999 series. And Shane Rimmer wasn’t in it – he was in Space Police, which was a pilot that never aired, but eventually became reborn as Space Precinct. The DVD that’s for sale has both on it. I’m surprised I don’t remember Nick Tate being in it – I kind of liked him. Now to decide if I want to shell out the money given the poor exchange rate… 🙁

  • jimwelch

    Lost Story – Book

    I too have been looking for a lost story. It is either a book or short story. For details see my journal:

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