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Enterprise cancelled

by on Feb.02, 2005, under Television

The other shoe finally fell. UPN and Paramount have announced the cancellation of Enterprise, effective at the end of the season, where the finale will air on May 13th. This marks the first Trek series since the original to end prematurely since the original, and it will also be the first time since the debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987 that there isn’t a Trek series in production. I’m actually sorry to see it go – I didn’t think it was as bad as some made out. What will we do? Update 2/4: Berman doesn’t understand why Enterprise didn’t get the ratings – perhaps putting it up against SCI FI Friday was a bad idea, hmmm? I sense a clue-by-four is needed. And he also adds that the show won’t be shopped to another network.

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  • Anonymous Coward

    What will we do?

    What will we do?

    Try to ignore the shakey-cam work in BSG and keep our fingers crossed that we’ll never see Capt. Hunt anywhere near Seefra again.

  • dugh

    It’s a shame but…

    Berman and Bragga have been flogging a dead horse ever since Voyager, which was IMHO a disaster for the franchise. Poorly written and thought out, no self-reference or character growth to speak of, it was just sad. Enterprise was taking too long to find it’s footing. I think they finally are finding it, but too late for the networks. It is a shame they will never goto Scifi Channel, which really does do a good job revitalizing shows.

    • Doc

      Re:It’s a shame but…

      I agree – I was not of the “Kill Enterprise” camp, but I also think Berman is very clueless, and Paramount expects a Trek show to hit high ratings off the bat. Unfortunately it seems they alienated a bunch of the hardcore fans early, and never recovered.

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