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The Riddler passes away

by on May.18, 2005, under General News

Frank Gorshin, fames impressionist but perhaps best known for his role as The Riddler in the campy Batman series of the 60s, passed away at the age of 72 after fighting lung cancer, emphysema, and pneumonia. Trek fans will also remember him from the TOS episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”, playing the half-black, half-white Commissioner Bele. Most recently in 2002 the man with “100 faces” played George Burns in the one-man Broadway show “Say Goodnight Gracie”, using very little makeup.

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Kelsey Grammer as The Beast in X-Men 3

by on May.18, 2005, under Movies

Avi Arad, Marvel Entertainment chief, announced that Kelsey Grammer will join the cast of X-Men 3 as Dr. Hank McCoy – a.k.a. The Beast. They were looking for an intelligent-sounding voice, and specifically they wanted to “avoid a British actor” – not as a diss against the Brits I think, but more to avoid a sterotyped voice I guess. Grammer’s voice does seem perfect to me though. Also announced is that Vinny Jones (Snatch) is confirmed as the Juggernaut, and casting for two new mutants, Angel and Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat will be announced soon.

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Made for TV Blade Movie

by on May.18, 2005, under Television

dugh writes “It looks like Spike TV will be making a made for television Blade movie. Anyone want to venture a guess that Wesley Snipes isn’t involved?” Well, considering the lawsuit, I doubt it…

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