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Star Wars shatters box office

by on May.23, 2005, under Movies

With an unbelievable $50M take in its first day, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith has gone on gone on to break records for three-day and four-day takes, beating previous holders Spider-Man and The Matrix Reloaded. Including worldwide receipts, it has currently grossed $330M.

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  • PumpHunter

    Woh nelly

    Just think how succesfull it could have been if it hadn’t been hampered by piracy! 😉

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:Woh nelly

      And think how successfull it could have been if didn’t stick link a steaming turd!

      If you love StarWars, don’t go see this film. Whatever you came up with in your head for how Darth Falls to the dark is better than what Lucas came up with… Seriously. Its BAD! Lots of eyecandy and action, but plot holes you could drive the deathstar through, multiple acts unjustifiable in the characterizations and motivations of the characters, total lack of acting, and even Portman looks less than attractive in every scene except for her Ophelia moment. (think the famous painting).

      I’ve seen SciFi Channel original feature films that were better crafted. Seriously.

      Save your money for Firefly 😛

      • Anonymous Coward

        Re:Woh nelly

        the sad thing is that you are pretty close to the mark. the movie was not that great. better than ep1 and a tad better than ep2 but that doesn’t take much. when the theatre is laughing at the dialog you know something is wrong. there are inconsistencies with the plot. the way it is explained how anakin went vader isn’t all that convincing. it is a shame he blew it.

        as i was saying to my girlfriend, he should have handed the script to kevin smith to rewrite the dialog. smith is a master at dialog and is a star wars fan and would likely have done it for free…

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