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MacGyver Season 3 DVD Review

by on Oct.02, 2005, under General News

MacGyver Season 3 hit the streets a few weeks ago, continuing the “retro DVD” trend. Read More for the review, and find out more information at the official web site.

Mac continues on getting out of tight situations and saving the day in Season 3. Little has changed from Season 2, and you can see my review of that set. Since I did a DVD-specific review of that, I’ll so the same here. Frankly, the scores won’t change – there is no real difference on the qualities of the DVDs.

Standout episodes of this season: The season opening two-parter, “Lost Love” (with the return of Jack Dalton); “The Widowmaker” (the return of his obsessed nemesis, Murdoc); “Early Retirement”; “Thin Ice” (with Richard Dean Anderson’s favorite sport, hockey); “The Negotiator”; and “The Endangered”.

Random notes:

  • Just how many ex-girlfriends did Mac have, anyways?
  • Actress Elyssa Davalos appears in the “Lost Love” two-parter as a former girlfriend/fiancee, and then returns for 6 more episodes as Nikki Carpenter, and completely different character.

Since we don’t have Acting and Story as scoring points in a DVD review (and I have to settle on some review points in the future), a few notes. Anderson shows a lot more emotional range in this season, having to deal with the death of a friend, finding a lost love, and more. And although the overall story arc doesn’t really move anywhere, the individual stories themselves seem to have stepped up a bit.

Packaging: Same as Season 2 – ultra-thin plastic disc folders holding two discs (one for the third folder) with one disc on each side (no stacking). The three folders fit in a typical cardboard slipcase, all of which bear various images of MacGyver. Green is the basic color scheme for this release – Season 2 was more blue.

Again, each disc is screened differently, with an image of some of the basic items he uses as tools.

Interesting, the same problem I had with Season 2 is back – one of the disc hubs that hold the discs in the case had a broken spoke, but it can still hold the disc OK. It reminds me of the frequent problems with the Babylon 5 DVD sets, where one of the discs would always be loose.

I only gave Season 2 a 2/5 here, but after seeing some other packages, this style has grown on me. 3/5

Video/audio quality: Still disappointing in the video quality. Grain is still there. I didn’t notice much in the way of compression artifacts, but there were a number of times when there would be a thin light colored horizontal line (at great contrast to the adjoining area) that would appear staticky – this may be a form of artifact but I’m not sure. It at least looks better than the over-compression I’ve seen on reruns via satellite. 2/5

Extras: None. Nada. The studios need to pick up here – often the lure to buy DVD sets is not just to see the series again, but to see more about the show, maybe some outtakes – come on, Paramount – where’s the carrot to lead us on? N/A

Navigation: Simplistic menus with the episode list for each disc, with a background image similar to the disc folders. Again, Disc 1 includes a “previews” option to see ads for other TV shows on DVD. Nothing special though. 2/5

Overall: Much the same as Season 2 – the show is great, and perhaps improved over the previous season. 4/5

Total: 2.75 out of 5. To get much higher than this with future releases, Paramount needs to up the ante – clean up the video, and give us some extras.

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