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Ryak 7 – Finished Short Movie

by on Nov.29, 2005, under General News

Travis Rogers writes “I?m a Filmmaker / Webmaster of a movie production website called
Domain of the Infinite. I have recently finished my sci-fi movie called Ryak 7.

In the future and on a distant planet, where earth colonies fight over the ruins of an alien civilization. One man begins to see strange dreams and visions of the planet’s alien past.

Download the full movie for free at the URL below.

The DVD can be purchased at:

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Goblet of Fire mini-review

by on Nov.29, 2005, under Movies

Finally got to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this weekend (which took in almost $55 million more), so here is a mini-review – I don’t like to give a full review as I like to watch the first time for enjoyment, and the second time as a critic. Read More for my impressions. Feel free to add your own.

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Interesting take of the Superman saga

by on Nov.28, 2005, under Movies

The tale of Superman is a long, fascinating tale – and I’m not talking about the story itself. This article talks about the attempts at production from the Salkinds (who did the first three movies) selling the rights, up until about mid-2004, and how practically everyone in Hollywood was involved, or at least rumored to be involved. Don’t know how accurate it is, but it is an interesting read.

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Steve Jordan eBooks get rave reviews

by on Nov.27, 2005, under General News

Steve Jordan writes ” Steve Jordan’s Sci-Fi eBooks, available at, have garnered rave reviews since they have become available.

The Onuissance Cells, an anthology series offered free on the site, was compared to Lord of the Rings by Emma, a reviewer at “This book was brilliant and I would recommend it to any-one who likes sci-fi or human interest stories. I was gripped by both the characters and the environment they lived in, and was left wanting more. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!”” Read More for more reviews.

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ABC ends Alias

by on Nov.25, 2005, under Television

ABC has announced that this will be the last season of Alias, with the conclusion airing in May 2006. It won’t “wind down,” howewver, according to Entertainment President Stephen McPherson, but instaead “it’s going to rev up, and we’re going to make it the event it deserves to be.”

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Ellison to become SFWA Grand Master

by on Nov.23, 2005, under Conventions

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association has announced the program for the 2006 Nebula Awards, on May 4th-7th in Tempe, Arizona. This years Grand Master: Harlan Ellison. Although “sometimes controversial”, he’s won many awards, including three Nebulas and 8.5 Hugos over five decades of writing.

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Potter takes the weekend prize

by on Nov.21, 2005, under Movies

The official numbers are in, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire takes the box-office weekend, grossing $102.3 million and giving the 4th-best three-day weekend opening ever. Second was Walk the Line, about the life of Johnny Cash, at a “paltry” $22.3 million. Update: Updated the numbers and link – the old article still had the estimated numbers from yesterday.

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Claudia Black joins regular cast on SG-1

by on Nov.21, 2005, under Television

Claudia Black, Aeryn Sun of Farscape and more recently in the recurring role of Vala on Stargate SG-1, will become a full-time cast member with the 10th season of the show, with filming to start in the new year. I see this as a good thing – I like what the character brings…

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Next “reimagining”: The Prisoner

by on Nov.18, 2005, under Television

Sky One is planning a new series “inspired” by the cult classic The Prisoner, according to BBC News. It is to retain a lot for the original – but not the location, which was the very real village of Portmeirion in North Wales, and it will “liberties with the original” and “be a radical reinvention,” according to Executive Producer Damien Timmer.

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Bruce Boxleitner EXCLUSIVE Interview, with Area51

by on Nov.18, 2005, under General News

AREA 51 RADIO STATION writes “PRESS RELEASE FROM AREA 51 – The World?s first REAL Sci-Fi Radio Station.

Hear Bruce Boxleitner talk to Graham Philpot about the episodes of Babylon 5 that never got to the TV screen. He also offers fascinating insights into his character, Captain John Sheridan.

This exclusive interview is live at on Sunday 4th December at 2 pm and is repeated on Monday 5th December at eight pm UK time.

An exclusive brought to you by AREA 51, the world?s first REAL sci-fi radio station. And remember we?re on air right now!

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