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Steve Jordan eBooks get rave reviews

by on Nov.27, 2005, under General News

Steve Jordan writes ” Steve Jordan’s Sci-Fi eBooks, available at, have garnered rave reviews since they have become available.

The Onuissance Cells, an anthology series offered free on the site, was compared to Lord of the Rings by Emma, a reviewer at “This book was brilliant and I would recommend it to any-one who likes sci-fi or human interest stories. I was gripped by both the characters and the environment they lived in, and was left wanting more. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!”” Read More for more reviews.

Robin, his second release, was also reviewed by digiReader, in which reviewer Gavin stated, “…along the way I got the distinct impression that one of Steve Jordan’s literary heroes was Isaac Asimov: the story certainly bears some comparison with part of the master’s work.” Jeanette Cottrell, reviewer of, said of the novel: “…good premise and a main character with a cat-like personality. The author brings a spark to Morris Cole’s character, despite his greedy and self-centered behavior.”

Berserker, Steve Jordan’s latest release, has recently been reviewed by Gavin at digiReader, who said: “Steve Jordan made a decision to create a whole new universe for his characters, one which is far more credible than those which some authors foist upon us… All in all a thoroughly enjoyable read. If you prefered the original Star Trek series over the later incarnations then you’ll love this.”

Steve Jordan’s first 3 releases are available exclusively at His next novel, Factory Orbit, will be available in mid-December. With the exception of The Onuissance Cells, each book costs only $2.50, and all books are available in multiple eBook formats, and apply no DRM restrictions. Please visit the web site, or e-mail for details.”

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  • Anonymous Coward

    Saberhagen’s Lawyers Call Yet?

    I mean, “Berserker.” Sheesh. Can I self-publish my sword-and-sorcery droolings, call it “Conan,” then feign ignorance of one of the seminal creations in “my” genre in the hopes that self-published e-books are still too below-the-radar for the original creator to notice? I guess I *could*, but it would be lame.

    The only thing lamer would be to attempt to supersede the original thread discussing this lameness with this pseudo-new story without the plagiarism accusation threads. Afterall, can’t have all that Slashdot traffic coming in and reading about the lameness, can we?

    This is one of those “special-relationship-with-the-website-Editor” things, isn’t it?

    • Doc

      Re:Saberhagen’s Lawyers Call Yet?

      This is one of those “special-relationship-with-the-website-Editor” things, isn’t it?

      Absolutely not, and I resent the implications.

      I don’t know Mr. Jordan, and have never had any contact with him. He submitted an article to post, and seeing no reason not to post it I did.

      Nothing has been superceded either. The previous article still exists, as you were easily able to link to it, and people can still post replies there. It simply doesn’t appear on the front page (at least with default settings) because more articles have been posted since.

      I WILL caution Mr. Jordan though, if he reads this. Fred Saberhagen does in fact have a registered trademark on “Berserker” for Science Fiction novels.

      • Steve Jordan

        Re:Saberhagen’s Lawyers Call Yet?

        Fred Saberhagen does in fact have a registered trademark on “Berserker” for Science Fiction novels.

        So I noted, Doc, as in the original thread. In response, I have amended my novel’s title to read: “Berserker (The Kestral Voyages).” I hope this will make M. Coward happy, though somehow I doubt it.

        For the record: No calls from Mr. Saberhagen yet.

        As for me: I recently looked for the Berserker series at my local Borders, and found none. There are a lot of SF novels that I admit I have never seen, and I don’t think anyone else would have trouble believing that this was just an accidental coincidence. But I’ll reiterate: If Mr. Saberhagen wants me to change the title, I agree he has a trademark, and I’ll do what he wishes. No big.

        (Conan. Who names a sword and sorcery character after a lame comedian?)

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