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Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0 DVD review

by on Dec.31, 2005, under General News

With the SCI FI Channel splitting up their seasons into “Summer” and “Winter” halves, it only makes sense for the DVDs to be similarly split up so people don’t have to wait so long. Thus we have Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0, which is the first half of the second season of the SFC show that is getting mainstream praise. Read More for a review of this DVD set.

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Store updates: SeaQuest DSV, Roughnecks

by on Dec.31, 2005, under General News

Discovered a few things to add to the Sci-Fi TV Store – first, the first season of SeaQuest DSV has been released. Also, two more Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles DVDs have been released: The Zephyr Campaign and Trackers, along with a Complete Set.

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William Shatner Launches DVD Club

by on Dec.30, 2005, under General News

Josh writes “I saw this article on some blogs and thought I’d pass it along:

William Shatner?s new DVD club casts him in the one role he?s not had during his storied 50-year acting career: film critic. The recently launched Official William Shatner DVD Club (, a DVD-of-the-month club, showcases the best sci-fi movies that didn?t come to a theater near you. Shatner explains, “Determining what movies get broad distribution and studio marketing support is a complicated process, and unfortunately the caliber of the film isn?t the only consideration. I?ve chosen a select group of memorable and entertaining sci-fi movies that never got the exposure they deserved, and made them available to fans everywhere at a great price.?” Read More for the rest. I also had seen this, but been pretty busy this week. Thanks to Josh for taking the time…

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Galactica “Show of the Year” per Time Magazine

by on Dec.28, 2005, under Television

Time Magazine has released their list of top shows in 2005, and this year the top show is Battlestar Galactica. The author even admits that some people will think its a joke, but like the show, it’s serious. The second half of Season 2 starts January 6th, and I should have a review of the recently released DVD set of Season 2 Part 1 soon.

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Alien Nation series on DVD

by on Dec.22, 2005, under General News

I just found out that the complete series of Alien Nation is coming out on DVD on January 3rd. This was a well done series on Fox, that alas didn’t make it past its freshman year, other than a few TV movies (which are not included).

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Whedon on Firefly: It’s over

by on Dec.20, 2005, under General News

Entertainment Weekly is reporting (need subscription or be on AOL to read full article) that Joss Whedon has come to grips that Serenity is likely the last of Firefly. It took in only $25 million, despite heavy marketing. Update 2/21: As pointed out by a reader, Joss says EW has contextual issues.

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More for Moore: Galactica exec signs development deal

by on Dec.20, 2005, under Television

Ronald D. Moore, the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, has signed a development deal with NBC Universal to develop series for its networks, and he’s already set up two of them: Pen and the Sword, about a young man who works in a building that is a portal to a medieval alternate universe, for NBC, and Warehouse 13, written by Brent Mote, about two government officials who wind up in North Dakota at a warehouse where the items stored there have interesting backstories, for SCI FI. The latter sounds like a twist on the Friday the 13th – The Series plot.

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“Factory Orbit” Available on

by on Dec.16, 2005, under General News

Steve Jordan writes “My latest novel, Factory Orbit, is now available at, for $2.50USD:

“Ted Canter responds to a job offer and ends up at the next stage of the Industrial Revolution: Living and working in orbit. And in the midst of his experiences as a space pioneer, he finds himself at a pivotal moment in history…”

Factory Orbit is the fourth novel released at, including the critically-lauded Berserker (The Kestral Voyages), Robin, and The Onuissance Cells. Already available on the site is an extensive background on the novel Factory Orbit, including a FREE PDF document that outlines the orbital facility in the novel.

Users of PPCs and Smartphones can access a mobile-friendly version of the site at .”

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Serenity DVD review

by on Dec.16, 2005, under General News

Serenity, the movie sequel to the short-lived-but-greatly-loved Fox series Firefly, comes out next Tuesday, offering all the Browncoats out there a chance to see it again. Here is a pre-street review of what you can expect. What? Haven’t seen the series yet? It’s it’s not too late… [Shameless Editorial Plea: SciFi Storm‘s only income is through Amazon commissions – if you haven’t completed your online shopping for the holidays, please consider doing so through our links on the left or in the articles – even for non SF merchandise. You don’t pay more, but we get some pocket change. Our Amazon sales are WAY down from the last two years, and an impending layoff is making this Holiday difficult.]

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Shatner, Mirror Universe next Trek movie?

by on Dec.14, 2005, under Movies

Seems everyone is reporting variations of this, but they all seem to start from here. The latest rumor for the next Trek film would potentially involve several generations of characters, using the Mirror Universe as the plot device. I hear it may also be based on the concept that would have had Shatner guess-star on Enterprise, but never realized. Add it to the stack of things that probably will never be. Updated 12/16: DENIED.

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