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Name the movie…

by on Mar.05, 2006, under General News

As my aging mind is failing me again, I’m remembering a scene from a movie that I’m pretty sure was SF (albeit happening on present-day Earth), but I can’t connect it with the movie. This has worked before – so help me out again and help repair the synapses…Read More for the description.

The movie was probably early 80s, maybe late 70s. The details may be a bit wrong…if I’m really not sure, it will be in italics.

I only remember one scene, and I remember thinking it was part of Capricorn One, but it isn’t.

Two or three men (astronauts?) are on the run from government agents, who are attempting to stop them as they know some secret).

The scene I remember is a road chase scene, with the men in a stolen gasoline (or other flammable liquid) tanker truck, and the agents following in a car.

During the chase, in order to get away one of the men climbs to the back of the truck and opens the valve, pouring the fuel onto the road behind them, thus under the pursuing vehicle. The agents fire guns and hit the man, but before falling to his death, he closes the valve, and somehow ignites the fuel.

I don’t recall the exact result, but it at least somehow allows their escape.

I believe the men were wearing some sort of uniform-style jumpsuits.

Anyone recall this scene, and the movie it belongs to? I’m pretty sure it was an SF film.

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  • foaiwriter

    name that movie

    That sounds suspiciously like the James Bond movie License To Kill, but I’m not sure either. The little grey cells are a bit confused today.

  • ericborc

    I know the Movie!!!

    It’s Hanger 18. Starring Darren McGavin. The movie is about the space shuttle launching a satillite. Just before launch it encounters a UFO. the satillite hits ufo and it crashes to earth. The gov’t finds it and puts it into Hanger 18 to study. The astronauts on the other hand are trying to figure out why their story isn’t believed and all coraborating evidence keeps disappearing. During their search the Gov’t pursues them with orders to silence them if necessary.

    good movie for it’s time

    your welcome

    Eric Borchert

    • Doc

      Re:I know the Movie!!!

      You know, after hearing about Darren McGavin, I began to suspect that Hanger 18 was the movie…I think we have a winner. Now, to find a copy – I don’t think it ever airs any more…

    • kwohler

      Re:I know the Movie!!!

      FWIW, I’m pretty sure the movie is Hanger 18, too. The description had me thinking of the movie and when I realized that someone else thought of it, that made me certain.

      I know they’re trying to get it in stock over at FilmGuru.Net, but they don’t have it right now. You might check back next month.

    • Doc

      Re:I know the Movie!!!

      I can now confirm that the movie was indeed Hanger 18. I managed to get copy and check it out. I even remembered the face of the actor – James Hampton, who played Dobbs in “F Troop”.

      I was wrong about the jumpsuits though – they were in street clothes. Probably part of my confusion with Capricorn One.

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