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Star Wars series expected to run for a while, follow Luke

by on Mar.19, 2006, under Television

Looks like we are starting to see some details about one of the proposed Star Wars seriesaccording to producer Rick McCallum they are expecting a 100+-episode run (that’s about 5 seasons in the US, which are typically 22 one-hour episodes). It will also follow the 20 years between Episodes III and IV in the life of Luke Skywalker.

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  • Anonymous Coward

    Between III and IV?

    Woo hoo! 20 years of growing up as the adopted child of a moisture farmer. See the excitement as young Luke troubleshoots a flaky evaporator. Gasp with horror as Uncle Owen drives a hard bargain with the Jawa. Cringe with disgust as the land developers from the “wretched hive of scum and villainy” try to expand their newest housing development into the family farm.

    Could be “Must Miss TV”.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:Between III and IV?

      Suspect it’ll be more along the lines of “Continuity? What’s that?”

    • iamsheridan

      Re:Between III and IV?

      My thoughts exactly!

      I am Sheridan

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:Between III and IV?

      Now hold on, you’re jumping to conclusions. There were many openings in Episode one… er.. four… for a TV show.

      Luke was well known for solving… missing… washers?

      And he was active in the… defense…of … droid rights?

      He also was… always… on the farm… and… going to the next town for supplies…

      He knew his way around a wrench?

      And he was always shooting mudwumps in swamps or something

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:Between III and IV?

      The so-called fact that McCallum stated that the series would follow the life of one Luke Skywalker has already been widely debunked. He used the comparison to denote the timespace between EP III & IV, and the journalist made a false deduction. Search around on informed message boards, like TFN (see here) for more reliable info (and even wilder rumours)

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