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Sol: The latest e-book release on SteveJordanBooks

by on Mar.18, 2006, under Books

Steve Jordan writes “”Sol,” my latest e-book, is now available at

“The Solars are the grunts of the Union… unappreciated and maligned. Even the creation of a new drive engine, capable of taking the Union on an unprecedented trip to the Inner Arm, earns them no respect. But when the Solars discover that an alien race is on its way to take over their ancient homeworld, no race in the Union can stand in their way.”

There’s something to be said for good old-fashioned space opera: Deep space voyages, conspiracies, romance, aliens, and a climax that will blow your mind!

As with all Steve Jordan’s e-books, “Sol” is available in multiple e-book formats for $2.50USD, and features NO DRM for the purchaser. for more information, go to Handheld and smartphone users can access the Mobile-friendly site at”

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Doctor Who starts Friday in U.S.; Davies talks

by on Mar.15, 2006, under Television

[Unbelievable – another unrelated death in the family, so please don’t expect too much]

Doctor Who finally makes its official U.S. debut this Friday at 9pm with the first two episodes, “Rose”, and “The End of the World”. As part of the run-up to the series, exec producer Russell T. Davies gave an interview to SCI FI Wire where he briefly discusses how he finally got his wish to revive the Doctor – and how remarkably easy it was. Series two is wrapping up production and should hit the U.K. soon. Updated 3/16: More of the interview talks about making a serious drama.

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Galactica Season 3 not until October?

by on Mar.10, 2006, under Television

[Sorry…a death in the family as well as the job hunt is taking all my time].

SCI FI Channel has announced Season 3 of the hit Battlestar Galactica will be a full 20 episodes, but will not begin airing until October, Instead of the usual summer half-season start time. The 90-minute season finale airs tonight at 10pm ET, preceded by the season finales of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

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Review: The Legend of the Rangers

by on Mar.06, 2006, under General News

The last Babylon 5 production, the pilot movie The Legend of the Rangers – To Live and Die in Starlight, will finally be released on DVD on March 14th (Pre-order from Amazon now). Read More for the review of the feature and DVD.

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by on Mar.06, 2006, under General News

Hawley Griffin writes “WORD HAS IT that buried somewhere in the Northwest San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, is one of the most intriguing Sci-Fi/High Adventure TV Shows that, as yet, has not been made.

Cryptically, and simply entitled, ?51″, the show?s backdrop is the equally intriguing and cryptic Area 51 located at Groom Lake Nevada. With all the urban legend and modern mythology surrounding this mysterious locale, writer-creator Michael David Stewart has come up with an ensemble based series that embraces the best elements of Science-Fiction and the type of high adventure found in the great Hollywood films like ?King Solomon?s Mines?, ?Journey to the Center of the Earth?, and ?Ice Station Zebra?.” Read More for the full release.

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Name the movie…

by on Mar.05, 2006, under General News

As my aging mind is failing me again, I’m remembering a scene from a movie that I’m pretty sure was SF (albeit happening on present-day Earth), but I can’t connect it with the movie. This has worked before – so help me out again and help repair the synapses…Read More for the description.

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SCI FI Friday season ending…

by on Mar.01, 2006, under Television

Wow, is it over already? The ad blitz that signifies the end of SCI FI’s Winter half-season is coming to a close. The two part season closer for Battlestar Galactica, “Lay Down Your Arms”, starts this Friday (3/3), plus both Stargate shows wrap up over the next two Fridays as well. The good thing? Doctor Who starts on the 17th…

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