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U.S. bill to adopt Shire Reckoning calendar

by on Apr.01, 2006, under Fun Stuff

Eldandil writes: “Bipartisan U.S. House Bill H.2319, co-authored by Bob Gammidge (D-Florida) and Tolman Cotton (R-Montana), proposes to completely revise the annual calendar with one called the “Shire Reckoning”. According to Cotton, “The current calendar is over 2000 years old [Ed: not really], and the numbering is of a religious nature. We wanted to adopt something not radically different than what we are used to, but also introduce special holidays that everyone could enjoy and not have to work twice a year.” The proposed numbering scheme would start year 0 this time, to avoid further millenium confusion, which would correspond with what is now 1954, making today 10 Astron 52.” Alassea Astron-auk.

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  • Doc

    No comments?

    I’m surprised…OK, so it was pretty lame…but there are 6 clues if anyone can figure it out.

    • Doc

      Re:No comments?

      Since no one seems to want to post the clues, or figured them out:

      1. Eldandil is a translation in Quenya of “Elf-friend”.
      2. 2319 is the year in the Third Age when Aragorn takes the throne of Gondor. Interestingly, this is also the “alert code” used by the CDA in Monsters, Inc.. Not sure if there is a connection.
      3. Bob Gammidge and Tolman Cotton are names of hobbits (except I change “Hob” to “Bob”). I picked them as they sounded fairly real, as opposed to “Hairfoot” or “Brandybuck”.
      4. I chose 1954 as “Year 0”, as that was the publishing date of The Fellowship of the Ring.
      5. Alassea Astron-auk is a rough translation in Quenya of “Happy April Fool’s”.
      • Doc

        Re:No comments?

        Oy, I made a glaring error. I had looked up when Aragorn became king, and screwed it up. 2319 was when Aragorn I (a predecessor), became chieftain of the Dunedain. Aragorn II (Aragorn Elessar, with whom everyone is familiar) became King in 3019.

        Poor research on my part. I will now throw myself into the fire of Orodruin.

  • Anonymous Coward

    What can I say…

    we’re a shy bunch. 🙂

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