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Dueling Stargate franchises?

by on Jul.21, 2006, under General News

Dean Devlin has been speaking with SCI FI Wire about sequels to the 1994 original Stargate movie. Devlin and partner Roland Emmerich, the producers of the original, conceived a trilogy but lost control over the franchise and MGM elected to produce a series instead. They’ve disavowed and refused credit of the series. Now it appears MGM might be willing to move forward with the originally intended trilogy – possibly with Kurt Russell and James Spader, the original stars – but while trying to somehow not step on the mythology established by the series. A tall order, considering the second movie was set to take place 12 years later…

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  • chad


    This is going to be really weird if it goes forward as planned. Do they really expect that they can just ignore SG-1 and Atlantis?

    • Anonymous Coward


      i try my best to. i’ve been trying to get into sg1 and atlantis for years now and i just can’t do it.

      it’s the scifi equivalent to coors lite. just not my cup o’.. well you get the idea.

  • Anonymous Coward


    I like some consistancy in a series (although I cut series with the attitude of SG-1 more slack than one like BSG), but I’d have not objection to more movies based on the original that take the story in a totally different direction.

    TV series and movies are different beasts and I don’t see any reason for them to have to try to do the same thing. It would be interesting to see where the original producers take the story. IIRC the movie had Ra as the last of the alien species, and there was no indication of other civilizations or gates. Lots of possibilities there.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Just different not dueling

    I read the books, and would like to see the trilogy. It doesn’t detract from the series it is just a different vision. There is room for this, the movie scope plays darker. (This is right for movies as it is not sustainable for years playing so deep in the angst mode.)

    SG1 and Atlantis play dark sometimes, but often it gives us humor. This is the reason it is sustainable as a series. Different beast and most likely what will be remembered as Stargate- it will usurp the others just based on its likeability and many years.

    Two different beasts. Hey if I can get used to a different BSG than why not this?

    Plus consider that Devlin and Emmerich came up with the original idea. Writers reaping reward? I think it is due them and also hey now that the series has been successful maybe their movies will help them along. And if that is true maybe the cycle of creativity will begin again with another original scifi idea or book. LOOK FORWARD to it!

    docgwen- not a coward just don’t need another web site forum to be involved with. However, saw the caption and decided to state a brief opinion.

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