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Battlestar Galactica Season 2 Soundtrack review

by on Aug.11, 2006, under Audio

I finally got a chance to listen to the soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica Season 2 which came out in June. Read More for my impressions.

Given my previous soundtrack review, this one is going to provide a bit of an about-face. I previously stated that when given a big theme (as has Battlestar Galactica), the soundtrack should bear variations of the theme, or at least have hits of the theme embedded through the music. I now believe that it is possible to produce an excellent soundtrack without that.

Bear McCreary, who took over as composer from Richard Gibbs when the show went from mini-series to full series production, manages to produce music with an empathic edge. Each individual theme has an emotion attached: the uplifting “Lords of Kobol”, the deep, rapid fire of “Scar”, the cold war drudge of “Martial Law”. And songs like “Roslin and Adama”, take you through a sadness to a new hope.

This soundtrack starts the “big theme” track, with an inspiring rendition of the original “Theme from Battlestar Galactica” (called “Colonial Anthem”), which adds a more distinct bass drum to the beat. This gives a more military march feel to it – very well done.

The various tracks also show a number of international flavors – notably Middle Eastern and Celtic origins. I love the mellow, haunting sounds of the Uilleann pipes…

In all, a highly recommended CD.

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