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Stargate SG-1 will end this season

by on Aug.22, 2006, under Television

The SCI FI Channel has announced the end of Stargate SG-1. Right on the heels of a record-breaking 10th season and the 200th episode, SCI FI says they will not renew the show for an eleventh season – but Stargate Atlantis will continue. Hmmmm…perhaps the end of “200” could provide a clue as to what’s next… 🙂 Update: To clarify, SG-1 is currently only in the first half of its 10th season. There is still a second half to air in the new year (I hear March instead of January though). Also, Gateworld reports that producer Robert C. Cooper has said they are looking for it to go on in some way – fueling speculation at several levels, but making the feature film seem more likely.

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  • Anonymous Coward


    thank god. i’ve never really liked this show (nor have i liked atlantis). hopefully they’ll find something more up to the par of farscape to replace it.

    • Doc


      I’ve never quite understood this reaction.

      “I’m glad the finally axed X after Y years – I never liked that show…”

      Well, if its been on for 10 years, SOMEONE must like it. I don’t think true SF fans would begrudge other SF fans a show just because they didn’t like it themselves. Just don’t watch it. If you want to make a comment, at least say _why_ you don’t like it.

      Like most any series, over the long run the show changes. It’s not quite the same as it started, and sometimes after a while you struggle finding a new direction. I think they’ve done a reasonable job at keeping the show watchable, but others may have felt that it “jumped the shark”.

      I’ve seen a lot of derision of “200” as well. Apparently some don’t get the fact that it wasn’t meant as a serious episode, and that it was made totally for fun. I wouldn’t even consider it canon.

      Especially given that this is the SCI FI Channel, do you really expect something better to replace it? 🙂 They’ll probably move wrestling to Friday night…

      • rmgrotkierii



        Don’t ever give Sci-Fi channel the idea to move wrestling to Friday nights. If they do, I will mourn the loss of “Sci-Fi Friday” that my wife and I have come to expect the last few years. *sniff*

      • Anonymous Coward


        i guess i should have elaborated. i don’t think sg1 is quite up to the par of farscape which it replaced. i don’t doubt lots of folks liked it as most of my friends do too. just not my thing.

        i sort of see sg1 as scifi lite. less filling, less flavor.

        while i didn’t see all of farscape (and was often baffled as to what was going on) i didn’t care. the characters and story (what i understood of it) was so much fun i didn’t mind. the problem with FS was that you had to watch every ep to ‘get it’. this and the high cost were why it was cancelled.

        they could have fixed one of the problems by using some of the time they would have ordinarily used for such things as mansquito to play catch up eps like lost does. but alas…

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