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BBC keeps Who Earthbound

by on Sep.21, 2006, under Television

Russell T. Davies is explaining why the Doctor doesn’t get into space much. Despite last season’s two-parter of “The Impossible Planet/Satan’s Pit” being set around a black hole, Davies says about episodes like that, “They’re hugely expensive,” and “The programmes that do show alien planets are not prime-time programmes.” Apparently the BBC hasn’t seen fit to give the show its deserved budget.

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  • tekoneiric

    not prime-time programmes??

    I guess they haven’t heard of Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galatica or Star Trek.

  • loftwyr

    Budgets… yeah…

    It’s deserved budget?

    Please! The only budget Dr. Who ever had was a truck to get them to the nearest quarry and $20 for costumes.

    And no, the BBC doesn’t air space opera in primetime. The US Cable channels might but not the BBC.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Dr Who was never about Space

    It always was and still is Social, Economical, and Political comentary British style. It is also quite humorous in an understated way.