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Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 DVD Review

by on Sep.25, 2006, under General News

The second half of the second season of Battlestar Galactica, billed as “Season 2.5”, has hit the shelves last week. How does it measure up? Read More for the review, and help destroy the Cylon fleet with the game at the official web site.

This set continues with the intensity set by the Season 2.0 set. Included in this set is an extended version of “Pegasus”, which was the season cliffhanger, which kicks off what is essentially a three part episode with “Resurrection Ship” Parts 1 and 2. Between there and the season-ending two-parter, “Lay Down Your Burdens”, are a number of episodes that show the rising tensions within the fleet, Apollo’s personal issues after his near-death experience, Starbuck’s desire to return to Caprica, the mindset and religion of the Cylons, and Roslin’s struggles with what’s best for the fleet vs. her ethics.

Plot/Story: The story keeps moving forward – but we are seeing a darker side to Adama and Roslin. They seem to be making decisions we wouldn’t expect the heroes of the story to make. And the shift at the end – is it wise to change the story so radically so soon given something that works? 4/5

Characters/Acting: More excellent performances all around, although Mary McDonnell’s tired style is getting tired. 4/5

Effects/Visuals: No change. Which means perfect. 5/5

DVD Extras/Packaging: As mentioned, similar to before but with the addition of the video blogs. 4/5

Overall: Still one of the best programs on TV. 5/5

Total: 4.4 out of 5. It will be interesting to see where the changes take us. The third season of Battlestar Galactica premieres on October 6th, moving up to 9pm ET.

With the season finale, we see more ethical dilemmas facing Adama and Roslin with regards to the Presidential election, and then the interesting twist at the end – a radical change in the show that is usually reserved as a last-ditch pandering for ratings, but instead done here in the show’s prime.

This DVD set is very similar to the last. It comes in a reflective slipcase with raised lettering and a several two-person portraits on the front. Inside are three DVDs each in an individual thin plastic case and a two-person portrait on the case cover. Each DVD is screened identically, except the number of cylon centurions represent the number of the disc.

The menus are static again, with the Play All function for the episodes. Each DVD also has some of the special features. On the first disc there are deleted scenes for “Resurrection Ship, Part 1” (not mentioned on the jacket), a full audio commentary for the extended “Pegasus”, and podcast commentaries for the other episodes. The other DVDs include podcast commentaries for every episode and deleted scenes for most.

The final disc includes several more extras in the form of David Eick’s Video Blogs which were originally on The SCI FI Channel’s web site. Seven are included. Note that the language in a few cases may not be appropriate for young viewers. And lastly, they include all the “R&D logos” – the animated things shown at the end of each episode with producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick – from the first and second seasons. They come from a seriously disturbed mind with a decidedly Pythonesque style.

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