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Captain Jack returning to Who

by on Nov.28, 2006, under Television

Acton John Barrowman spoke with SyFy Portal about his character, Captain Jack Harkness, currently appearing in the spin-off Torchwood, will return for a multi-episode arc of Doctor Who in the upcoming third season. He also mentions that Who won’t cross over into Torchwood – the target audience is too different (children vs. adults). I haven’t watched Torchwood yet, but I’ve heard from people that weren’t too kind…what do you think of it?

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Eccleston to join Heroes

by on Nov.27, 2006, under Television

Word has been out that George Takei is going to play Hiro’s father on Heroes, but I hadn’t heard about this until it was pointed out to me by my sister: Christopher Eccleston will be joining as a series regular starting in January, according to this Ask Ausiello post on Word is they wanted him sooner, but was unavailable.

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The Hobbit saga continues

by on Nov.23, 2006, under Movies

In an article in German (read it here), Saul Lentz, the head of Tolkien Enterprises, which ultimately owns the filming rights, says production rights to The Hobbit will revert back to his company next year – which explains New Line’s rush. But it seems doubtful something like The Hobbit could be completed in a year. Lentz says he’s certain Jackson will be involved – and it looks like MGM may as well, as far as I can tell from the Google translation…

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Space Academy DVD released in January

by on Nov.22, 2006, under General News

Next up in the list of series I haven’t seen since my childhood: the 15 episodes of Space Academy, starring among others Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space) and childhood actress Pamelyn Ferdin (many appearances, including Star Trek‘s “And the Children Shall Lead”), will be released on DVD on January 16th. Perhaps a late holiday present for the 30-something sci-fi fan? The show ran from 1977-1979 on Saturday mornings, with repeats for several years afterwards. It was followed up by Jason of Star Command, which will be released in the future as the Filmation library gets released. Ark II was released two weeks ago…I hope to have a review this weekend.

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Three authors at our Sci-Fi book signing

by on Nov.21, 2006, under General News

Meesha writes “On December 4th at 7 PM three sci-fi authors will be signing at Borders in the Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles California. Being a follower of these authors I thought that others may be interested in attending or ordering signed books.

L.E. Modesitt Jr., David Farland, and Brandon Sanderson will sign on Monday, Dec 4th from 7-8 PM at Borders Books and Music, 6081 Center Drive, LA, CA 90045. Telephone number 310.215.3720.

Feel free to call the store directly or email me with any questions.”

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Galactica jumps to Sunday night

by on Nov.21, 2006, under Television

Not sure why, but the SCI FI Channel is moving Battlestar Galactica from the Sci Friday lineup, opting for Sundays at 10pm ET after the new series The Dresden Files, effective January 21st.

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Update: No Jackson on The Hobbit?

by on Nov.21, 2006, under Movies

Oh, Gollum! Thanks to the lawsuit Peter Jackson filed against New Line Cinema regarding profits on The Lord of the Rings franchise, it appears that New Line no longer wishes his services for the production of The Hobbit, or for a “planned” LotR prequel (first I’ve heard of that). Now, there’s still nothing certain about it actually getting made…but this is certainly a blow to Middle-Earth fans…Update 11/21: MGM says not so fast…the matter is far from closed. I sense that one studio may buy out the other’s rights…

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Children of Men web site now open

by on Nov.21, 2006, under Movies

With the human race facing extinction when all women become infertile, a bureaucrat becomes the unlikely champion of survival. Thus is the setting of Children of Men, a movie based on the novel by P.D. James. The official website is now open, along with a fan team site with news, challenges, and rewards. Directed and co-written by Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), it stars Clive Owen (Sin City), Julianne Moore (Hannibal), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Serenity), Charlie Hunnam (Hooligans) and Oscar winner Michael Caine (Batman Begins).

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Phoenix teaser trailer available online

by on Nov.21, 2006, under Movies

The teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is now available online – you just have to go to the Happy Feet website to see it. My first impression? What’s with the mutton chops?

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Ziddio wants people to join the Jedi Order

by on Nov.18, 2006, under General News

Relatively new video site Ziddio is running a video contest for Star Wars fans to join the “Jedi Order”, and potentially win a trip for two to Kennedy Space Center and other prizes. Entries are in the form of a short video (less than 60 seconds) giving you answers to six questions (Which is your favorite movie, etc.). Got a camera and want to show you are a fan? Try and become a Jedi

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