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Ellison interviews Moore about Galactica

by on Nov.09, 2006, under General News

There is a nice interview running over at Twitch Guru where Harlan Ellison conducts an interview with Ronald D. Moore, after presenting him with the Screenwriting Expo’s award for Television Writer of the Year. Ellsion said it’s for “the astonishing job of making one of the worst television series ever made into one of the best television series ever made.”

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  • tekoneiric


    One of the worse series ever made? Far from it. The original series had a rich culture and history to the show that was just tossed out for the new series. The could have kept a lot of that and still had a gritty story line. In many ways the new BG series is more of a very dry parody, not just of our world but hard core science fiction.

    Despite the Cylons being religious nuts, I find myself rooting for Cylons to wipe out humanity; of course all they have to do is chase them around a bit and humanity will wipe it’s self out.

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