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Rose Parade will have Star Wars tribute

by on Dec.29, 2006, under General News

The 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade, which kicks off New Year’s Day, will have a tribute to Star Wars, including George Lucas as the Grand Marshall, and members of the “501st Legion”, an unofficial group of hardcore fans that appear in authentic replica costumes. Lucasfilm is flying in 200 of them from around the world to participate. Also, the Grambling State University Marching Band will appear in Imperial officer uniforms. At each end of the tribute section of the parade will be floats – one scene from Endor, the other of Naboo.

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Galactica role-playing game in the works

by on Dec.27, 2006, under Games

Margaret Weis Productions, owned by the NYT best-selling author and publisher of the Serenity role-playing game, has reached an agreement to bring Battlestar Galactica to the role-playing universe.

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Last Harry Potter title announced

by on Dec.22, 2006, under General News

Scholastic, J.K. Rowling’s U.S. publisher for her Harry Potter books, announced on their website that the title for the final installment will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. They say it was announced on J.K.’s website, but I haven’t found it yet. [Sorry for the delay in posting this – I was rebuilding my home network]

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BBC to offer hundreds of programs for download

by on Dec.20, 2006, under General News

The BBC has has announced a deal to offer hundreds of its TV programs for download via the Zudeo web service, and offshoot of Azureus, a popular BitTorrent client. Zudeo will offer HD-quality downloads, and a special BBC Channel. The Zudeo client (a.k.a. Azureus 3.0) will be required.

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Odd sightings: Identity

by on Dec.20, 2006, under General News

If anyone watched the premiere episode of the new NBC game show Identity last night, you may have noticed a strangely dressed person in the back, #12. He looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite place it. Well, he never got picked, but I was pegging him for the “UFOlogist”. Well, at the end they got to say what their identity was, and he said “May the power of the Cosmos be with you!” Suddenly it call came back – it was Dr. Franklin Ruehl, who had one of the original programs on the SCI FI Channel which I believe aired on Saturday mornings before Sci-Fi Buzz, called Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion. You can see more of Dr. Ruehl here.

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The Prisoner escapes; AMC will remake series

by on Dec.19, 2006, under Television

AMC may need to change their name, if they haven’t already. The cable channel (“American Movie Classics”, although I guess it depends on what they mean by “Classics”) is getting more into the original scripted programming business, and their recent pick? A remake of the British classic The Prisoner. There are few details, other than a target air date of January 2008, and a minimum of six to eight episodes. They also have the rights to the original show starting Patrick McGoohan and will air it around the same time.

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Day Break broken, Money burns; ABC pulls plugs

by on Dec.18, 2006, under Television

Variety is reporting that ABC has pulled the plug on Day Break and the Shatner-hosted Show Me The Money. Day Break‘s numbers have been disappointing, but the “Shat-tastic” Money was a bit of a surprise – it was doing OK, but when Nielsens Week hit, it did horribly. Technically, Money is on “hiatus”, but we know what that usually means. The remaining two episodes of Day Break are supposed to be released on

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New animated Trek to take off?

by on Dec.14, 2006, under General News

According to The TREK Movie Report, CBS has been pitched a new animated series to extend Star Trek into the 26th century, picking up 150 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, and 60 years after a terrible war with the Romulans, leaving the parts of the Federation cut off, the Klingon homeworld occupied, the Vulcans withdrawn from the Federation, and the Andorian homeworld destroyed. It follows Captain Alexander Chase and crew of the latest Enterprise as a border patrol ship, hoping to bring back the “the glory days of seeking out new life and new civilizations.” It would likely be done as a webcast, with mini-episodes similar to Clone Wars. No word yet from CBS.

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TOKYOPOP’s POP Fiction Website

by on Dec.13, 2006, under General News

Wiley Saichek writes “TOKYOPOP redesigned the website for their POP Fiction line of international teen novels. Visit for descriptions, excerpts and reviews of their Fall 2006 releases: MAGIC MOON, KINO NO TABI, SCRAPPED PRINCESS and WITCHES’ FOREST. Check back for more details on several upcoming 2007 novels, such as CHAIN MAIL: Addicted to You (January), THE TWELVE KINGDOMS: Sea of Shadow (March) and TRINITY BLOOD: Rage Against the Moons (April).”

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Torchwood goes another round

by on Dec.13, 2006, under Television

The BBC has announced a second season for the hit Who-spinoff, Torchwood, and the show will move its first showings to BBC Two from BBC Three (it’s been a while since I’ve seen or understood British TV, but it sounds like an upgrade, with BBC One being the most “prestigious” channel). Looks like plenty of aliens and monsters will be sneaking around Cardiff next year…

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