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Day Break broken, Money burns; ABC pulls plugs

by on Dec.18, 2006, under Television

Variety is reporting that ABC has pulled the plug on Day Break and the Shatner-hosted Show Me The Money. Day Break‘s numbers have been disappointing, but the “Shat-tastic” Money was a bit of a surprise – it was doing OK, but when Nielsens Week hit, it did horribly. Technically, Money is on “hiatus”, but we know what that usually means. The remaining two episodes of Day Break are supposed to be released on

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  • mbourgon

    Finishing it off? A welcome change

    If they actually do let us grab the “final 2” episodes (I assume it’ll finish the story?), that’d be awesome. It’s surprised me that the networks don’t try a Brit-style “series”, with only 6 episodes. Gives lots more things a shot, and if it works, get another “series” or two! If it doesn’t, the fans at least get closure.

    • Doc

      Re:Finishing it off? A welcome change

      Actually, it almost seems like that is in fact what they are doing. They are making short-season commitments – 13 episodes or less – or calling them “limited series” – more than what we call “mini-series”, but not intended at least at first to go beyond the original order. I believe Lost was billed as a “limited series” when first advertised.

      I believe Day Break was a 13 episode order. However, they’ve only aired 6 and talk about 2 released via the web (I assume they are already in the can), so even then they aren’t completing the original order.

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