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SCI FI Channel gets busy

by on Jan.13, 2007, under Television

The SCI FI Channel has made a lot of announcements for upcoming productions, so let me summarize – full text available at SCI FI Wire: Alan Cumming (X2) joins the cast of Tin Man, a twist on the Oz tale; Flash Gordon series gets green light; and the following are in development: Diamond Age, based on Neal Stephenson’s best seller, is a six-hour miniseries from George Clooney; Avery House, from Mark Burnett, a bed-and-breakfast where thoughts become real; Revolution, about colonists under siege from Earth; Middletown, a small town that becomes a battleground with aliens; Johnny Midnight, about a slacker with powers to save the world; Witch School, about a school for aspiring conjurors (sound familiar?); and Starcrossed, a half-hour comedy behind the scenes of a space opera program. That last one sounds suspiciously like a book by Ben Bova with the same name, which satirizes the experience with the short-lived Canadian SF series The Starlost.

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  • Ogre


    Avery House, from Mark Burnett, a bed-and-breakfast where thoughts become real

    Why not just call it “Fantasy Island 2007”?

    On an unrelated note, I’m slightly disappointed not to see The Lost Room as a new series as I felt the mini-series was a very good show.

    • Doc


      These are new developments – it doesn’t mention anything about returning shows. I haven’t heard anything, however.

      Alas, after all the hype I looked forward to watching The Lost Room, but due to some TiVo issues, never got to watch it…and unlike most SFC programming, it hasn’t been repeated ad infinitum…