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Spacescapes created by spray paint

by on Jan.29, 2007, under General News

TheThunderChild writes is the URL for an interview with “Sprayman” – Mr. Janez Jevnikar.

I belong to a mailing list of fantasy and science fiction artists – artists who create everything from spacescapes to astronauts and alien creatures. I assumed they all did their work in water-colors or oils, etc. Little did I realize that there’s a technique out there called Aerosolgrafia (well, to give it its Slovenian name!) where artists create glorious spacescapes, in less than 20 minutes, using quick drying spray paint. I interviewed a Slovenian artist whose work sells throughout the world. He’s a ‘performance artist’ – an audience watches him while he works. These performances are available to view on the web and are fascinating to watch.”

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  • chad

    Got One

    I actually bought one of these from a guy on the street in Oregon in 1991. He had a big crowd around him and was selling them as fast as he could make them. I described what I wanted in the picture, and he made in on the spot, using nothing more than spray paint, round lids, and a putty knife. Absolutely amazing to watch. I’m looking at it right now, as I had it framed and put it above my computer.

    I’m pretty sure the guy I bought my painting from is not Janez Jevnikar, however, because he signed the painting “VIKO”.

  • Anonymous Coward

    New York City

    These guys were all over the tourist trap areas of midtown Manhattan a few years ago, dozens of them appeared from nowhere all doing the same thing. It was all the rage until they all suddenly disappeared. I heard a rumor that they’d been outlawed due to the paint fumes, which did suck for everyone trying to just pass by.

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