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Trek XI finally to be announced? YES

by on Feb.27, 2007, under Movies

May the rumors end…Paramount is expected to finally announce Star Trek XI with J.J. Abrams directing and his cohorts Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman writing the script, and a targeted release of Christmas 2008. Various other bits are pending studio approval of the script – no word on if the plot of the script will be revealed yet, so those rumors may yet fester…quick! Call the Shat and see if he’s in again! Update: Trek Today says it’s official, although I couldn’t find an actual press release. And the casting rumors are still running wild.

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Tapping joins Atlantis cast

by on Feb.21, 2007, under Television

Is she not afraid of typecasting, or figures its too late and is getting all she can out of the role? 🙂 Amanda Tapping has just signed to transfer her role of Col. Samantha Carter to Stargate Atlantis, beginning with its 4th season which would start this fall. Also appearing in the 4th season will be Jewel Staite (Kaylee of Firefly) will return to the series for 8 episodes as Dr. Keller. She previously appeared as the Wraith child Ellia.

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by on Feb.16, 2007, under General News

I have a planned trip to visit family next week, and an unexpected death in the family elsewhere may have me travelling a lot more than expect, so don’t expect a whole lot this week. I will check in as much a possible. If you come across a story of interest, submit it – it will save me some time.

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Lost it’s way?

by on Feb.16, 2007, under Television

Perhaps the networks are going to rethink the mid-season break plan. ABC’s hit show Lost turned in dismal ratings this week – the lowest ever for the show. IT still drew 12.8 million viewers in its later time slot, and it was on Valentine’s Day, but sponsors don’t see it that way – and perhaps all the plot twists are starting to leave viewers – well, Lost.

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Remastered Trek: “Amok Time”

by on Feb.16, 2007, under Television

Next up on the remastered Star Trek episodes: “Amok Time”, where we get our first glimpses of the surface of the planet Vulcan. Unfortunately, I managed to lose the e-mail with the images from this episode, but there were two shots where they redid some matte images. Once shows Kirk, Spock and McCoy (well, tiny specks) cross a massive stone bridge high in the air to the arena. The second is a shot of the arena, which can be seen to be on top of a tower plateau with two stone bridges leading to it, with the city of Shi’Kahr, where Spock was born and grew up, in the background. If you told me it was a satellite shot of a Stonehenge on Mars, I’d believe it. I don’t remember any shots from the original episode that gave any sense of scale or location before.

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Eccleston to play villain in The Dark Is Rising

by on Feb.16, 2007, under Movies

Christopher Eccleston is certainly getting work outside of Doctor Who. He has joined the cast of 20th Century Fox and Walden Media’s adaptation of Susan Cooper’s best-selling fantasy books, entitled The Dark Is Rising. Eccleston will play the villain in the story, The Rider. The story is a about a teenager who travels back and forth through time as one of the last of a group of warriors who fight the forces of the dark.

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Read an E-book Week 2007

by on Feb.15, 2007, under General News

Steve Jordan writes “Mark your calendars, and prepare to be a part of history, culture, and literature… March 4-10 2007 is Read an E-book Week, and it’s a year not to be missed! This year, I am joining award-winning author Rita Toews in supporting and promoting Read an E-book Week 2007.”
Read More for further details.

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Galactica coming back for a 4th season

by on Feb.14, 2007, under Television

This came out late on SCI FI Wire (I don’t believe the times on the article page): Battlestar Galactica will be back for a 4th season – albeit only 13 episodes this time around, like Season 1. “Taking a Break From All Your Worries” did exceptionally well in the ratings/demos, the strongest since the premiere of Season 2.

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New Sci Fi Novel – black box, book one of volume 1

by on Feb.12, 2007, under Books

Gary “Chris” Christopherson writes “In just two weeks on February 25th, I will be self-publishing “black box”, book one of volume 1 of the Conversion series. Book 1 will
be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD only for personal, individual use. The series, the first volume and the first two books are copyrighted.
All rights are reserved. The website for the download is”
Read More for the rest of the information and an excerpt.

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Remastered Trek: “The Doomdsay Machine”

by on Feb.09, 2007, under Television

Our inside man has sent us more images of this weekend’s remastered episode of Star Trek – “The Doomsday Machine”. “The remastered version of the fan-favorite Star Trek episode, “The Doomsday Machine” premieres in syndication nationwide during the weekend of February 10, 2007. The remastered “The Doomsday Machine” features over 100 all-new digital visual effects shots, the most of any episode of the original Star Trek series. William Windom guest stars as Commodore Matt Decker, commander of the wrecked Starship Constellation. Decker tried desperately to save his crew from the doomsday machine, only to be forced to watch in horror as they were all killed by the alien robot.” Offhand, I can’t think of another episode that could be cooler – and the images we’ve got bear that out. I can’t wait for this one. Read More for more info and the images, and check your local listings for air times.

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