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Author Kurt Vonnegut passes away

by on Apr.12, 2007, under General News

Author Kurt Vonnegut, who wrote some famous works such as Slaughterhouse-Five and Cat?s Cradle, passed away yesterday at the age of 84. He had suffered serious brain injuries in a fall a few weeks ago.

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Be a Hero . . . Become a Legend!

by on Apr.08, 2007, under Games

Arbor Productions writes “Arbor Productions, a division of multimedia entertainment company Beauman Enterprises, Inc., is preparing to release its first supplement for the award winning Mutants & Masterminds superhero roleplaying game, under the M&M Superlink license. Autumn Arbor Campaign Setting, a full color hardcover with a suggested retail price of $34.95, is a complete sourcebook detailing the City of Legends setting. Complete with over 60 locations across 10 city districts, mystic artifacts, historical overview, over 100 fully detailed characters, and maps, the Autumn Arbor Campaign Setting is the first book in a fully supported product line that will include additional sourcebooks and a tie-in novel line debuting summer 2007.

With a Gamemasters Appendix detailing various plots and adventure hook ideas for Autumn Arbor, there are various ways to use the Autumn Arbor Campaign Setting in any M&M campaign; either as the primary focus or as a pick-and-choose template for adding facets of Autumn Arbor to any setting. Distributed globally by Studio-2 Publishing, the Autumn Arbor Campaign Setting is scheduled for a May 21, 2007 release.”

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The Lost Room DVD mini-review

by on Apr.05, 2007, under Television

The SCI FI Channel original miniseries The Lost Room was released yesterday on DVD. Here is a mini-review (mainly because it was a disjointed viewing making it difficult to sum up all the points for a full score).

(continue reading…)

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Serenity tops Star Wars as best in poll

by on Apr.04, 2007, under Movies

In a poll conducted by the UK SFX Magazine of 3000 readers, Serenity was voted best SF movie – beating out heavy favorite Star Wars and a number of other cult classics.

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John Kenneth Muir’s The House Between

by on Apr.03, 2007, under General News

TheThunderChild writes “John Kenneth Muir is the author of over a dozen film and TV reference books, including a couple on Space: 1999, as well as Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who and One Step Beyond. He has moved into the realm of writer, producer and director of his own online SF/Horror TV series, The House Between (inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit). John graciously agreed to an interview with The Thunder Child, and you can read all about his creation of The House Between at uir/Photos/MuirInterview.html. And there’s a link there to The House Between website, where you can watch the episodes. It’s a fascinating interview and a fun project, so please check it out.”

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A couple store updates to note

by on Apr.01, 2007, under General News

A few updates to the Sci-Fi TV Store: The Dead Zone: Season 5 (Released June 5); MacGyver: The Complete Series (Released April 10); and The Lost Room, which comes out this Tuesday (and a review coming soon). And don’t forget, that also on June 5th is the release of the Doctor Who episodes that transition from Tom Baker to Peter Davison: The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis and Castrovalva, which will also be release as a New Beginnings three-pack.

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