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Name the show…Solved

by on May.25, 2007, under General News

Ok, I’ve been in a totally retro mood lately…expect some Retro Reviews soon of things like Blake’s 7 and anything else I can get my hands on. But I’ve got a really obscure memory of something nobody may remember, and its time to see if my readers can save me…you did well the last couple times

I don’t remember too much. All I can tell you is one of the characters was the B9 Robot from the original Lost in Space – except he was painted white instead of silver, and his bubble was cylindrical. It was most definitely the B9 Robot though, not Robby the Robot, who appeared in many shows. My guess is they pulled B9 out of some stored props.

I also remember that there was a guy and a girl, probably 20-somethings, who would travel with the robot by standing on his foot/pod/tractor, on each side, and hang on. They would do so through a jungle-type setting, which must have been tough for the people trying to move the robot… 🙂

It may have been a “segment” show – that is, a program shown in small segments as part of a larger program – think Banana Splits with the “Danger Island” segments (no, it wasn’t “Danger Island”), but a little more recent (1970s, perhaps). It was probably shown on Saturday mornings. I’ve tried to research it, but haven’t found anything.

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  • Raventail


    The show’s name is ‘Dr. Shrinker’, from 1976. I remember the mad scientist character calling the people ‘shrinkies’ in a maliciously gleeful voice.

    • Doc


      Nope, definitely not. I remember Dr. Shrinker more than the one I’m thinking of. And I don’t believe the Robot ever appeared on Dr. Shrinker.

      I do not believe the Mystery Show is a Krofft show.

      I also believe it was filmed at location sites, and not within a studio.

    • Anonymous Coward


      Dr. Shrinker starred Jay Robinson as the evil scientist with the evil mind and Billy Barty as his assistant. It was part of the Kroffts SuperShow and later became part of the Bay City Rollers Saturday morning show. It was filmed on a set like 99% of 1970’s Saturday morning shows. Dr. Shrinker has his own website at

  • Anonymous Coward

    Mystery Island??

    On the site there are multiple references to the conversion for the show Mystery Island.

    Wikipedia says Mystery Island was a segment of the show The Skatebirds .

    • Doc

      Ding Ding Ding!!!!

      I looked around that site but didn’t see that.

      Yes, it was “Mystery Island”. The fact that The Skatebirds was an attempt by Hanna Barbara to recreate the Banana Splits formula, and the fact that BS is appearing on Boomerang (so I can watch “Danger Island” again) is probably what made it pop into my head.

      Alas, given the extremely short life of the show, and the fact that they edited out the “Mystery Island” segments for later airings means I probably won’t be finding it anywhere…don’t know if it was up to the quality of “Danger Island” (yes, I’m being facetious)

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