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New Outer Limits release and more info on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

by on Jun.11, 2007, under General News

This past week saw the original The Outer Limits receive a re-packaging on DVD, following the “Volume 1/2” split season format MGM is also using for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, with Season 1, Volume 1 out now. Read More for a press release, as well as one for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Season 3, Volume 1 which comes out on the 19th.

For The Outer Limits:

The Outer Limits originally ran from 1963 to 1965 on the U.S.
broadcast network ABC, and a total of 49 episodes. It was created by Leslie Stevens and was one of the many series ostensibly influenced by The Twilight Zone, though it was ultimately influential in its own right.

Writers included creator Stevens and Joseph Stefano (screenwriter for Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho), the series’ first-season producer and energetic guiding force. Harlan Ellison wrote two episodes (Soldier and the award-winning Demon with a Glass Hand) for the show’s more cautious second season; Ellison later argued that both episodes were the inspiration for the Terminator film series, and indeed in the closing credits of the first movie the creators “wish to acknowledge the works of Harlan Ellison”.

Like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits had an opening and closing narration to almost every episode — known as the “Control Voice” (vocal artist Vic Perrin) — and distinctive music, in this case by Dominic Frontiere. The pacing of the two shows, however, was completely different. The Twilight Zone was based on a surprise ending built up to in half an hour, while The Outer Limits was an hour long and dealt with ordinary people’s reactions to the situation. The basis of each episode was a monster, referred to colloquially by the producers of the show as the bear. Usually there was an actor in a rubber mask and gloves, and wearing special “alien” clothing. Occasionally it was a prop or puppet, and in one episode the monster was created by stop-motion animation.

The Outer Limits was an anthology show and episodes are unrelated; they have no direct “sequels” or consistent characters. However, subtle recurring entities, such as the notable alien creatures seen in most episodes provided a thread of continuity. So did the fictional United Space Agency (a mix of experimental scientists, psychiatrists, and G-men), whose space suits, equipment and other props, set pieces, and models were reused from Men Into Space, a program paid for by the United States Air Force.

A few of the monsters reappeared in Gene Roddenberry’s 1960s Star Trek show. A feathered creature was modified to appear as a zoo animal in the background of the first pilot of Star Trek. The moving carpet beast in “The Probe” later was used as the “Horta”, and operated by the same actor. The process used to make pointed ears for David McCallum in one episode was reused in Star Trek as well.


  • Format: Color, DVD-Video, Full Screen, NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Region: Unknown. Read more about region encoding and how it may affect you here.
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Rating
  • Studio: MGM (Video & DVD)
  • DVD Release Date: June 5, 2007
  • Run Time: 821 minutes
  • DVD Features:
    • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
    • Disc 1 Side A:
    • Galaxy Being
    • Hundred Days of the Dragon
    • The Architects of Fear
    • The Man with the Power
    • Disc 1 Side B:
    • Sixth Finger
    • The Man Who Was Never Born
    • O.B.I.T.
    • Human Factor
    • Disc 2 Side A:
    • Corpus Earthling
    • Nightmare
    • It Crawled Out of the Woodwork
    • The Borderland
    • Disc 2 Side B:
    • Tourist Attraction
    • The Zanti Misfits
    • The Mice
    • Controlled Experiment

For Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea:

CENTURY CITY, Calif. ? Submerge into action and adventure with Irwin Allen?s thrilling third season of the television hit series Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Volume 1, splashing onto DVD June 19, 2007 from Fox Home Entertainment. Based on Allen?s action-packed 1961 film Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, the series chronicles the adventures of Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane and the fearless crew of the notorious SSRN Seaview, as they embark on uncharted waters full of espionage, action, sci-fi and suspense. The three-disc DVD collection includes the first 13 episodes from the third season, plus still photos and intriguing interviews with Captain Crane, played by David Hedison (License To Kill, ?The Young and the Restless?).
The Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: Season Three, Volume 1 DVD collection will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S./$54.98 Canada.


Admiral Nelson and Commander Crane are back in Season Three of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Irwin Allen?s thrilling, ground-breaking science-fiction adventure series! Join the crew of the Seaview aboard their super high-tech submarine, where no mission is too dangerous and no threat is too deadly, be it enemy agents, mad scientists, deadly sea creatures, or impending nuclear disaster. Welcome aboard the Seaview. Destination: uncharted depths and unparalleled excitement. Permission to board?granted!

DVD Special Features:

The Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: Season Three, Volume 1 DVD collection is presented in full color screen format with English stereo as well as English, Spanish and French mono with Spanish subtitles. The following episodes are specific to each disc:

Disc 1 ? Side A

  • Monster From The Inferno
  • Werewolf
  • The Day The World Ended
  • Night Of Terror

Disc 1 ? Side B

  • The Terrible Toys
  • Day Of Evil

Disc 2 ? Side A

  • Deadly Waters
  • Thing From Inner Space

Disc 2 ? Side B

  • The Death Watch
  • Deadly Invasion

Disc 3 ? Side A

  • The Haunted Submarine
  • The Plant Man

Disc 3 ? Side B

  • The Lost Bomb
  • Bonus Features:
    • Still Galleries
    • Publicity Photos
    • Episodic Photos
    • Comic Book Stills
    • David Hedison Interviews
    • Visitors On Set
    • Letters From Fans
    • ?The Rock and Roll?
    • David Hedison 1966 Interview (audio only)

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