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Script to the Sci-fi movie Pluto’s Plight

by on Jun.14, 2007, under General News

Anonymously submitted: “PLUTO’S PLIGHT is a science fiction – comedy feature film that stars former boxing champ JAMES BUSTER DOUGLAS! Douglas portrays Agent Leis of the FBI. PLUTO’S PLIGHT centers on a young girl who has visions of life on Pluto. Meanwhile, actual aliens have left their Solar System, because their star is going to Supernova. The aliens want to make Earth their new home, but crash land on Pluto before they can reach their destination. Eventually the aliens make it to Earth and under the guise of offering helpful information about Earth’s Ozone layer, they try to con their way into taking over the planet…

Pluto’s Plight Review

Writer and director Artie Knapp has written the movie with definite comic overtones but I also believe there was a purpose behind the movie as well. The script is funny (especially the scenes involving the aliens) but also has some poignant parts.

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