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Moffat: No worries about rumors and Who

by on Jul.17, 2007, under Television

Writer Steven Moffat, who has written some of the best episodes so far of the revived Doctor Who, said that there is no reason for fans to worry that the rumored departure of Russell T. Davies will result in the end of the show. “No broadcaster lets go of a show like Doctor Who.” He did not deny the rumor, and sidestepped the question of him taking over. Right now, he’s got his own show, Jekyll, a modern twist on the classic story, airing in the U.K.

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  • PumpHunter

    What worry??

    What I’ve seen everywhere is a feeling of relif that RTD will finally get lost, hoping that we’ll finally get rid of the homo references and might actually get to see some decent science fiction stories instead of mostly childish nonsense.

    • Doc

      Re:What worry??

      I am considering deleting the above comment due to the reference which I deem to be inappropriate. It could easily be rewritten to be more discussion worthy.

      As for the “worry”, the rumor was that without RTD the production would shut down.

      • Anonymous Coward

        Re:What worry??

        The poster may be crude and objectionable, but why censor his opinion, he’a entitled to be a jackass.

        As for RTD. I don’t see what everybody has against his writing, I have really enjoyed all of the David Tennant episodes (not so much a fan of Eccleston).

        It’s a fun series, just relax and enjoy, some people think too hard when watching it I imagine.

        • stigger

          Re:What worry??

          Although the RTD written episodes aren’t the best, it is his vision that has shaped the new Doctor series. But I do find his homoerotic references a little wearing, that said his sexual references seem to be over the top no matter in which direction they are pointing…

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