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Sci Fi TV Shows visit to SKYWALKER RANCH & exclusive Rick McCallum Interview

by on Sep.19, 2007, under General News

The Producer writes “The television crew from Sci Fi Central have just returned from an unprecedented tour of Lucasfilm and Skywalker Ranch where we have filmed segments for our new TV series.

We have filmed Star Wars actress Bonnie Piesse who hosts our show, plus DJ interviews Skywalker Sound?s Matthew Wood (the voice of General Grievous) and Producer Rick McCallum.

We had a fantastic 45 minute talk with Rick in which he talks about everything from his early career as a Producer to the prospect of George?s son Jett Lucas coming up with his own story ideas and whether Darth Vader may or may not be in the television series.”

Read More for a snippet.

“Over the coming week we will be offering you some snippets from DJ?s interview with Rick McCallum on www.scificentraltv

Here is the first snippet—

DJ: ?There was talk of Star Wars 3-D, where?s that at??

RM: ?Well we?re ready I mean, it?s a very expensive process taking a 2-D image and turning it into a 3-D thing, there?s a number of companies around the world that we?re working with and supporting. There?s a great group of film-makers, we have James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Bob(Robert)Zemeckis and Robert Rodriguez, a wonderful group of people that all want to re-release some of their older films to help cinema owners, so that we can actually get the process going. But the problem is we don?t have the digital theatres right now, we need about 5,000 in the United States before it would be economically feasible for us to re-release any of our films, that?s including Peter Jackson & (James) Cameron, but between the five of us we have about 13 or 14 major films that all beg to be seen in 3-D. We?re just waiting for the industry to catch up and the theatre owners to get their act together. But soon, I believe that 2009 will be the big year for 3-D. Jim Cameron is shooting his movie AVATAR in 3-D right now, it won?t be released unless there?s the (digital) theatres. I think everybody will rise to that challenge, and once that happens we can all start to get these films out.?

Included in our television interview Rick looks further into the future of cinema believing that we are currently so far behind where we should be.

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And keep checking all this week for more Rick Revelations.”

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