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Journeyman may fall victim of strike, ratings

by on Nov.26, 2007, under Television

In a chat with the Premium Hollywood web site, Journeyman producer Kevin Falls says that the show could end with the 12th episode, which was the last one on the initial order for the show. Due to the WGA strike and the mediocre numbers, it seems unlikely that they would get an additional order for episodes. Falls said, “If?and let?s not kid ourselves, it?s a long shot that we would get a back nine, given the strike and our questionable numbers?but we wrote it in a way so it could be the series-ending show. I mean, it wouldn?t answer every question, but it would give you a lot to chew on.”

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  • Improbus


    I could not get into the story line so I quit watching. I would rather watch Reaper which is on at the same time.

    • Anonymous Coward


      Really, being on at the same time … is that really such a problem anymore?

      I mean, at my house, I’ve got three DirectTV Tivos, so I can record four channels things at once (and watch a fifth live on the HDTV getting it’s signal over the air), and if that fails, you can download most TV shows off of or similar torrent sites, and many shows can now even be watched on the network’s web sites.

      But I’m with you. I wanted to like Journeyman, after reading Slaughterhouse 5 way back when, but there was just so much TV I wanted to watch I lost track, and so Journeyman was left behind.

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