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Billie Piper will appear in Series 4 of Doctor Who

by on Nov.28, 2007, under Television

Sorry I’m late…been trying to get a lot of things done in advance of a much needed vacation. Anyways, after lots of unconfirmed reports, the BBC is finally confirming the return of Billie Piper for three episodes in the fourth series of Doctor Who. This means that the Doctor will have three different companions in the series – although it isn’t specified if Rose Tyler will overlap with Martha Jones, who will only appear in half of the episodes.

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  • PumpHunter

    Welcome back Rosie baby

    I’ll make no sense as usual, and there’ll be a lot of gnashing of teeth, but it’ll be nice to see her back 🙂

  • Yogmith

    Martha Jones

    Why would Martha Jones over lap with Rose. Martha Jones left at the end of season 3. I know for a fact that the new doctors companion is played by Cathrine Tate but can’t rember the name of here character. But that won’t be untill spring. Kilye is starting in the Chrismas edition on the Titanic. Should be good ‘cos the bow of the ship smashed a hole in the side of the Tardis at the end of season 3. Check it out here:-

    • Doc

      Re:Martha Jones

      Why? Because although Donna (Catherine Tate) will be with the Doctor for all 13 episodes of Series 3, Martha will also return for several episodes (I believe it was 4, in the latter half of the series)

      So, in essence the Doctor will have at least 3 companions during the season. When the Rose and Martha episodes are I’m not sure on, or whether any single episode will have all three.

      This is all news I’ve reported before.

    • Rachoness

      Re:Martha Jones

      It was announced that Martha would also be returning to the series, she joins Torchwood, so it would make sense that she would appear again.

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