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Belated soundtrack reviews: Battlestar Galactica Season 3 and Superman: Doomsday

by on Dec.01, 2007, under Audio

Here’s a couple of quick reviews for soundtracks that came out last month: Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 and Superman Doomsday.

With Season Three of Battlestar Galactica, the direction and the theme of the show changed – and so did the soundtrack. Bear McCreary shifted gears, leaving most of the familiar behind to produce a score different than before. A beautiful melding of different styles, it evokes the various images of the season.
Heavy base sounds and drums are a hallmark in some tracks, yet others have a
lighter celtic flair.

The track “All Along The Watchtower” also features artist Bt4.

I am less familiar with the source material of Superman Doomsday, not having seen the feature (it was a
direct-to-DVD feature length animated film),
having not seen it. Being that the continuity of the animated and
live-action Superman franchises differ a bit, composer Robert J. Kral did
not make heavy use of the John Williams score that defined the movie
franchise (I understand he was asked to avoid it), but does leave hints
of it within this original score. Otherwise it presents a darker tone
than past efforts, keeping in line with that of the film, which is an
adaptation of the controversial-at-the-time “Death of Superman”
storyline from the comic series.

Overall it presents a dark yet heroic theme, epic in scope but light in parts.
I liked that parts that evokes a sense of doom, with everything leading up
to the climax in the “Superman vs. Superclone” and “Superman’s Victory”
tracks, along with the fanfares that are part of them.

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