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New Enterprise Campaign

by on Dec.10, 2007, under Television

Bruce Allan writes in to inform us of a new letter writing campaign in the hopes of bringing back Star Trek: Enterprise. “New Enterprise Site & Forum On Line Now!

This site is for discussing the last Trek TV series (Star Trek Enterprise), which ran on the now defunct UPN,it is also Campaign Central for An Enterprise return to TV, with new episodes, while it is uncertain of how many fans are out there, the home page, which opened on June 22nd 2007, has had over 18,000 hits in just a few months, the forum was opened to the public on Nov 8th 2007.” Read More for the rest of the announcement, and visit the forums here.

“The main stay of the Campaign is there “1 Letter A Month Club” where each member sends only 1 letter a month, as it was noted that everyone has busy schedules with work and family, so the Campaign has been made as easy as possible, so all fans of the show can help.

A special letter writing is now underway, with the writers strike on and networks scrambling for programing, the Idea was voiced that after 702 episodes of all 5 of the trek series, that there has to be a lot of scripts that were never used, and that they could be adapted for Enterprise, many of the actors may also be out of work soon due to the strike, and thus could reprise their rolls, Manny Coto has also been shouted as the Producer that could effectively adapt the stories to fit Enterprise.

The home page also has many statements from fans who did not even know of the show till it had been cancelled, and was picked up for reruns on the scifi channel, being the first time many had to see the show, as these fans did not have a UPN affiliate in there area. Here is one of the comments a fan made…

“Veronica: I want Enterprise back. It was the series that made me love Star Trek again, after a long time.”

It seems as though Enterprise had the deck stacked against it from the beginning, as the writers were tired, on a channel that many market places did not have, the affiliates that aired it often ran it late night (1am) or flat out pre_empted it, there were also a lot of executive changes at Paramount, there was no longer a champion of the show in decision making position at Paramount.

This Site & Forum is clearly championing an Enterprise Return to tv with new episodes, but also seems to be a warm and friendly place for fans of the show to enjoy talking of this Trek Series, the forum is solely for Enterprise, has several sub_forums, games & jokes area, news, Ideas for season 5, campaign discussion, and much more, while Enterprise fans will especially enjoy this site, any Trek fan may find it refreshing too, it is worth a visit at…………

Home page

Forum t=idx

By Bruce Allan”

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