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High Def DVD Wars nearing the end? Warners backs Blu-Ray

by on Jan.06, 2008, under General News

For those who have been following the High Definition DVD Format Wars, the end could possibly be nigh. Warner Bros. Entertainment, who was the only studio that had been releasing on both the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats, has chosen to back Blu-Ray only. HD-DVD releases will continue through May 2008, but they will not release some time after the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. This leaves only Paramount/Dreamworks (Viacom) and Universal in the HD-DVD camp – and Universal, unlike Paramount/Dreamworks, does not have an exclusive deal with HD-DVD. Boy, I’m feeling better about Santa bringing me a Playstation 3…Update 1/9: This may allow Paramount to use an escape clause

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  • Anonymous Coward

    it’s not over yet

    but it may be very close.

    the sad thing is blu-ray is the least consumer friendly between the two formats with multiple profile versions (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, etc.), bd+ drm, ict…


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