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Welcome to the new server…

by on Jan.26, 2008, under General News

Welcome to the new digs. You won’t notice anything visibly different (the software hasn’t changed – ONE of these days I’ll come up with something new), but its on a new, MUCH faster server, so it at least should be snappier. Feel free to drop any notes regarding problems you may find – I’m still working out the kinks. One known issue – RSS file generation isn’t working. RDF and XML is fine though. Update 1/28: Fixed the Search function. There may be other broken items though.

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  • dugh


    It is a lot faster! I’m used to waiting just a bit (and attributing it to my crappy connection) but the page loaded up in a snap. Yay!

    • Doc


      Well, back in the day (which was over 8 years ago at least) I tried building out a server for all my sites with a P-III 650 (fast at the time) but it had temp issues after a while. I had to rush, so I built out an old desktop P-II 400. That desktop has run non-stop (aside from power outages, which it survived gracefully) ever since. I never replaed it because it was a bit of a pain for me to get physical access.

      The new server is actually a server!

    • iamsheridan


      Congrats on your new server!
      But it seems to me as if the oneliner at the bottom never changes from “I’d give my right arm…”?

      Is that how it is supposed to be?


      • Doc


        Probably not – but I don’t see that line…probably because I see a list of logged in users instead as the admin. I probably won’t look into that too closely since I really want to replace the software as well.

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